Synopsis: Best seller Vashti Hardy returns with another heartfelt and action-filled addition to the Griffin Gate series.

Grace’s family are wardens of the Griffin map, using its teleport technology to fight crime across Moreland. And now there’s someone new on the team: Tom Eely, who has been training hard to become a warden.

Grace and Tom reckon they’re ready to tackle a mission together, but they’re disappointed when Mum sends them to a quiet mountain village where ravens have been pestering the locals. Surely there won’t be any opportunities to use their exciting gadgets or combat skills there?

But as the pair investigate, the situation becomes more puzzling. Why does it seem like the ravens are protecting something? And are the villagers’ tales of a mountain witch really to be believed? Grace and Tom will have to use all their wit, skill and courage if they want to solve the raven riddle…

Release Date: 3rd March 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Adventure, Mystery, Family, Animals, Robots, Sci-Fi, Friendship.

Pages: 112

Review: Grace and Tom have been training really hard and want a mission, when her brother Bren comes back from a ravens attacking case and a more serious flooding storm case arrives they swap. Grace, Tom and Watson are sent to figure out why the ravens are attacking the villagers.

This was okay but I did find it a bit slow. It wasn’t as exciting as I thought it might be, it’s still an interesting and unique read though.

Grace and Tom are trained wardens but haven’t been given a case yet so were both so excited to finally have one. Grace finds it really easy and really fun and pieces together everything really quickly but Tom struggles and cannot put everything together quick enough. I liked the dynamic between them, Tom had the ability to help calmly and rashly and get on a level with the people, where as Grace was more of a go go go type person and then with Watson the robot bird making things funnier.

The case wasn’t that exciting I thought with the title it would be a really exciting case that had lots to do and lots of detail but it was basic and simple just a case of judgment from people before they even tried to be polite. It was a shame it could have taken the story to a really fun adventure and they could have a lot to solve.

This book was still fun to read and it was different to any other books out there and I do like the characters and the idea of them being the map protectors, that go around whenever they are needed and solve a case big or small. I think children would probably really enjoy these a lot, it was very easy to read and follow and get into.

About Author: Vashti Hardy is a children’s book author who lives near Lancashire, England, with her husband and three teens. She has an honors teaching degree and an MA in creative writing from the University of Chichester.


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