Mamma Mia At Curve Theatre Leicester on 13th September 2022 (Evening Show)


High energy, inappropriately hilarious and incredibly heartwarming.

This show was the most exhilarating show I’ve seen, it was such high energy. You sink right into the world so quickly and are swept in with heart and comedy. The cast were all a sensation, they owned their characters and created such wonderful scenes. The comedy was immense and so inappropriate, so many dirty jokes and butt and boob touching scenes but I loved it all so much, each dirty joke worked and just made it all so hilarious. You will laugh, dance, sing and cry throughout this whole show, but you’ll have a great time from start to finish.

This was my first time ever seeing this stage production *shocker I know*. It’s the first time it made its way to my local theatre and I’m so thankful that it finally did as it didn’t let me down one bit. I couldn’t fault it, I loved literally everything about this show and the incredible cast.

Sara Poyzer who portrayed Donna was brilliant, she really embodies Donna to a tee, she was made to be Donna. She showcased all her imperfections and flaws, her weakness, her love for Sophie and her friends, her devotion for what she built, her heartbreak from Sam that never left her. She embodied her perfectly and her vocals were stunning and she was beautiful to listen too. I absolutely loved her.

Nicky Swift as Rosie and Helen Anker as Tanya were so insanely cast they brought so much to these characters and their connection with Donna was perfect. I loved their friendship between the three of them. These two women were comedic queens and had me howling so many times throughout the show. Also Individually they made some of the most hilarious scenes and never one scene where Rosie was on the stage went by when she wasn’t doing something to make you laugh.

Jena Pandya as Sophie was so beautiful, I loved her portrayal of Sophie she brought so much to the character, she gave her a delicate side with so much hope, desire and dreams which was so beautifully shown. She was funny too and I loved the connection between her and her best friends during Honey, Honey oh my gosh was that such a hilarious scene, I loved their friendship. Her voice was gorgeous and she sang the songs to perfection so gorgeous.

Richard Standing as Sam, Phil Corbitt as Bill and Daniel Crowder as Harry, I had seriously no idea what to expect from these men, what they’d be like, what their vocals would be like, what their connection with Donna and Sophie would be like but none of them disappointed me at all. They each had a unique connection with Sophie and I loved seeing the individuality that they brought to those scenes. Each one had such chemistry with Donna and I loved it and those beautiful songs they all sang together. I must also add Bill and Rosie’s budding chemistry was hilarious and was such a perfect scene.

James Willoughby Moore as Pepper stole the show, he literally stole it and had the entire audience eating it up. He was hilarious and extra and the energy he brought to the it, how he just kept going blows my mind. Does your Mother Know, was such an out there scene it was filled to the brim with dirtiness and hilarity. I don’t think anyone knew what was coming in that scene. When you look at Pepper you honestly didn’t expect much out of him, all his friends are handsome and chiselled and he is the complete opposite but he has so much personality and cockiness and was on fire the whole show but most in particularly this scene. He and Tanya worked off each other so well and it was just so extra hilarious you wouldn’t believe.

The ensemble were incredible and all had a lot to do with the set moving and the immense choreography which was so creative and beautiful. They scenes where they had to literally freeze in place or move at a music note were crazy. This whole ensemble were incredibly talented, I loved watching what they were doing constantly.

This show is so feel good the story ropes you in, it’s so beautiful and so sad at the same time, it’s got so much comedy that you are always left with a laugh, the set is simple but effective and beautifully made, the costumes were all stunning. The cast were sensationally talented and owned their characters perfectly. And obviously the music and songs that are so iconic you can’t help but love them.

I loved and adored everything about this show from the overture at the start to Waterloo at the finish you are whisked away and have a great time. I honestly had such a great night watching this show it was incredible. I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity to see it.


Sara Poyzer as Donna

Jena Pandya as Sophie

Nicky Swift as Rosie

Helen Anker as Tanya

Richard Standing as Sam

Daniel Crowder as Harry

Phil Corbitt as Bill

James Willoughby Moore as Pepper

Jasmine Shen as Ali

Mariella Mazzilli as Lisa

Toby Miles as Sky

Corey Mitchell as Eddie

Martin Dickinson as Father Alexander and Understudy Harry & Sam

Sarah Harlington as Donna in Alternate Shows and Understudy Tanya

Taylor Bridges as Ensemble and Understudy Lisa

Ambra Caserotti as Endemble and Understudy Rosie & Donna

Billy Downes as Ensemble and Understudy Sky

Chloe Gentles as Ensemble and Understudy Ali

Rachey Ivy as Ensemble

Luke Jasztal as Ensemble and Understudy Bill, Harry & Father Alexander

Matt Kennedy as Ensemble and Understudy Eddie

Lewis Kidd as Ensemble and Understudy Pepper

Robert Knight as Ensemble

Hollie Nelson as Ensemble and Understudy Ali

Natasha O’Brien as Ensemble and Understudy Tanya, Rosie & Donna

Phoebe Roberts as Ensemble and Understudy Sophie

Blair Robertson as Ensemble and Understudy Bill & Father Alexander

Kaine Ruddach as Ensemble and Understudy Pepper

Amy Thiroff as Ensemble and Understudy Sophie & Lisa

Cameron Vear as Ensemble and Understudy Sky & Eddie

Crew and Creatives:

Original Team:

Composer/ Lyricist – Benny Andersson and Bjôrn Ulvaeus

Book Writer – Catherine Johnson

Producer & Director- Judy Cramer

Producer- Richard East

Associate Producer – Nick Grace Management

Co- Producer- Stage Entertainment

International Executive Producer – Andrew Treagus

Director- Phyllida Lloyd

Choreographer – Anthony Van Blaast

Production Designer – Mark Thompson

Lighting Designer – Howard Harrison

Sound Designer – Andrew Bruce & Bobby Aitmen

Musical Supervisor – Martin Koch

Synthesiser Programmer – Nicholas Gilpin

Transcriber- Anders Neglin

Casting Consultant – David Grindrod

U.K. Tour Team:

International Associate Director – Paul Garrington

Associate Director – Steven Pailing

Associate Choreographer – Nichola Treherne

International Associate Musical Supervisor – Nick Finlow

Musical Director / Associate Musical Supervisor – Carlton Edwards

Associate Set Designer – Jonathan Allen

Associate Costume Designer – Lucy Gaiger

Associate Lightning Designer and Programmer – Andrew Voller

Associate Sound Designer – Brian Buchannan

Keyboard Programming & Recording – James Drew, Assisted by Lee Turner

Associate Casting Director – Stephen Crockett

Resident Director – Nikki Davis-Jones

Assistant Choreographer & Dance Captain – Robert Knight

Assistant Choreographer & Assistant Dance Captain -Hollie Nelson

Company Manager -Maria Baker

Stage Manager – Jodell Hill

Deputy Stage Manager – Alexandra Berridge-Schuter

Assistant Stage Manager/ Book Cover – Rosie Tredray & Nancy O’Melia

Sound No 1- Adrien Cobey

Sound No 2- Laura Dougan

Sound No 3- Caoimhe O’Carroll

Chief Electrician – Freddy Marlow

Deputy Chief Electrician – Corwin Cook

Assistant Electrician – Sally McCulloch

Head of Stage- Sammy McIntyre

Deputy Head of Stage- Gary Chapman

Assistant Carpenter/Swing- John Fairless

Head of Wardrobe – Lee Kerry

Deputy Head of Wardrobe – Joanne Wills

Wardrobe Assistant – Charlotte Hare

Head of Hair, Wigs and Make-Up – Nicola Hill

Deputy Head of Hair, Wigs and Make-Up Millie Begg

The Band:

Musical Director & Keyboard 1 – Carlton Edwards

Assistant Musical Director Keyboard 3- Nick Tudor

3rd Conductor & Keyboard 2 Kieran Young

Drums- Robbie Gibson

Guitar 1- Mike Dunne

Guitar 2 – Alan Sweeney

Bass Guitar – Robyn Brown

Orchestral Management – Maurice Cambridge


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