Synopsis: Written in partnership with an accomplished child therapist, A Not So Lonely Day combines playful art a relatable story to explore the CASEL standards of social emotional development and the concepts of loneliness and isolation in young children.

Thea has a broken arm and must spend a few days home from school, adjusting to her cast. Shedoes not like feeling left behind from the happenings at school, so her daddy comes up with a brilliant plan: they’ll do all the things she and her friends would normally do in the classroom, but at home! Together, Thea, Daddy, and their doggy Rosie fill their day with learning, play, a snack, and even a nap! It may not be the same as what she’s used to, but Thea’s about to discover the joy of implementing everything she’s learned from her school friends (including tidbits on their individual cultures!) right in her very own home.

Release Date: 6th September 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Illness, Loneliness, Mental Health, Family, Friends, Educational,

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Baker and Taylor / Paw Prints Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Little Thea breaks her arm and has to stay off school, but she feels sad missing the day, missing her friends, leaving her mind to overthink what if she misses something important, what if her friends forget her and all the school she will miss by being off. Her dad gives her the space to have the day as though she was still at school.

I loved that her dad lead her in the play to get her mind occupied from her fears and what ifs by missing school. She got to still have a fun day with her dad and her dog and participate in the activities she would do at school. It was so sweet as it helped ease her mind for long lengths of time.

This book is a great guide and a cute read at the same time to help if a child is struggling to adjust or to a change that they have to make due to an illness. It will help them understand that even though things change temporally it will get easier and you can still do most of the things you would normally do, but differently.

The illustrations in this were also really cute. I also liked that whilst she was playing with her dad she got a chance to share with him all about her friends so she felt like they were close by the whole day. It was a cute story.


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