Synopsis: It’s the morning walk to school and it doesn’t feel right. The day has started gloomy, when it’s normally bright. And, so begins a series of change that turns young Miles’ day upside down. Once friendly and familiar, everything on that school walk now seems distant, sad, or stressed. The weather. The community workers. Even the neighbor’s dog, Daisy. At school, things don’t lighten up for Miles. There, he’s introduced to a series of new rules meant to help prevent the spread of germs, and all the change overwhelms him, translating into major anxiety and sadness of his own. But, with the help of his patient teacher, Ms. Franklin, Miles learns the value of embracing change and remaining positive. And, he also learns how sharing one little smile, even one you can keep in your pocket, can bring perspective and happiness to yourself and those around you.

More relevant than ever before in our current “pandemic era,” A Smile in Your Pocket provides caregivers with a fun storytime read that provides a conversation primer about good hygiene, social distancing, and coping with emotions.

This title is leveled using both the Lexile and Fountas & Pinnell reading level standards. Includes endmatter that cover tips for helping children manage sress and anxiety.

Release Date: 6th September 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Mental Health, Changes, Anxiety, Education

Pages: 32

Thank you so much Baker and Taylor / Paw Prints Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Miles is sad and anxious, things in his everyday life have changed and people seem sadder now. Then he gets to school and his anxiety peaks as there are new classroom rules he has to follow.

This was seriously such a sad story right from the start and it made me feel sad reading it. Miles wasn’t used to the changes and so having so many in such a short time was overwhelming for his mind to deal with.

His teacher was wonderful and so caring, she didn’t like having to put the new rules into place but she had too. She really cared for her children and did everything she could to make it fun and when she noticed Miles, she found a way to make him happier and understand what was going on. It was really sweet.

This is a perfect book for changes, to help with a child that is struggling and is getting mentally drained due to these changes. The messages are important in this book and can help an adult guide a child through a hard change and mental struggles and put them at a bit of ease.

This was really well written and was very delicately explained, it was really sad but really sweet and I liked the gentleness of the story and how the issues were approached.


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