This review may contain some minor spoilers so keep in mind if you haven’t watched it or read the book. I do my best to avoid them but it’s not always possible.

Summary: When Ivy discovers the school bathroom is haunted, Bean helps Ivy to harness her powers. With the help of their classmates, Ivy and Bean orchestrate a ritual that will free the ghosts, save the school, and also mess up Nancy’s day.

Title: Ivy + Bean: The Ghost That Had To Go

Rating: U

Runtime 1 Hour 1 Minutes

Cast: Keslee Blalock, Madison Skye Validum, Nia Vardalos, Lidya Jewett, Marci T. House, Jaycie Dotin, Garfield Wilson, Sasha Pieterse, Jane Lynch, Innocent Ekakitie, Hudson Hua, Parker Hua, Claire Smid, Jesse Gerasi, Mia SwamiNathan, Ava Marchfelder, Roman Pesino and Sailor Winter Rain Vaughn.

Director: Elissa Down

Writers: Annie Barrows (Books), Jeff Stockwell & Kathy Waugh


Following the second book In this live action retelling of the beloved series, we follow mischievous best friends Ivy and Bean. Both Bean and Ivy spot a ghostly spirit in the bathroom at school and soon word gets out to everyone in their class. To get rid of it they must expel it and curriculum night is the perfect time to do it.

These girls caused so much havoc and I absolutely loved it, this was so much better than the book of this story and I don’t say that often. The added storyline of the curriculum night was amazing and seeing the school setting become real was wonderful. I loved the over imagination over the ghost and the whole effect of what they do.

Bean and Nancy again were really horrible to each other with literally nothing being done by the parents which really is disappointing to see that they get away with everything when they shouldn’t. That’s always the biggest issue with the books and I hated that aspect.

I loved seeing them in the classroom and seeing their teacher she was cast perfectly and I love how she treated the children, she was such a delicate caring teacher. It was wonderfully done, exactly how you imagine her when reading the series. Each child was so different bringing their own funny personality traits to it and I loved the way they interacted together.

This movie is incredibly well done, filled with so much humour, mischief, imagination and a some action scenes too. I am loving that these have been brought into a live action world and have been created so perfectly.


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