This review contains some spoilers so please keep that in mind if you haven’t watched the movie. I do my best to avoid them but it’s not always possible.

Summary: 13-year-old Nate Foster fantasizes about becoming a big Broadway star. He and his best friend Libby mastermind a daring trip to New York City to audition for “Lilo and Stitch: The Musical”.

Title: Better Nate Than Ever

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Cast: Rueby Wood, Aria Brooks, Lisa Kudrow, Joshua Bassett, Michelle Federer, Norbert Leo Butz, Kylie Kuiok, Finn Egan-Linn, Krystina Alabado, Brooks Ashmanska, Kim Berrios Lin, Eddie Cooper, Keola Simpson, Kayla David, Pricilla López, Mandy Gonzalez and Anaseini Kato

Director: Tim Federle

Writer: Tim Federle


When Nate doesn’t land his big role in the school play his best friend Libby finds an open audition for Lilo and Stitch in New York City. The two sneak off finding their own way through the auditions and the big city and meet his estranged aunt on the journey, all to make his dreams come true.

I adored this movie, it was so sweet and heart warming and you root for Nate from the start wanting him to get the part he dreams of. I really loved the progression of the storyline and characters. I liked that they were all flawed characters it’s reality but they grew, progressed and changed throughout.

Instantly you like Nate and Libby, their relationship the connection they had with each other was amazing and they obviously adored each other, believed in each other and supported each other wholeheartedly. I really loved seeing their friendship and how they cared for each other.

Nate getting the role I loved the whole messy audition process he went through having had no idea what he was expecting and what he needed to do for the audition rounds. It made it so funny seeing how goofy he was in his auditions and you still root for him and are happy when he gets call backs. You start dreaming with and for him constantly.

I thought it was so sad the storyline of his aunt and mom it was a bit heart breaking that they weren’t close and she had lost faith in herself and her dreams until Nate helped to ignite them again. Them falling out seemed so unfair, it was horrible and you wanted them to fix things they clearly missed each other.

The song and production sounded so good and now I really want an actual Lilo and Stitch musical can we please have this become real. They just created parts for this whole movie so we need the actually musical production for real, on our stages, please and thank you. I would be so over excited to see this show as a reality.

I really enjoyed this movie and didn’t even know if I would have or not. It was really fun, funny and you get into it and connect really quickly. I am so glad that I enjoyed watching this movie. It’s so heartwarming, easy going, has such a sweet storyline and great real characters.


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