This review may contain some minor spoilers so keep in mind if you haven’t watched it or read the book. I do my best to avoid them but it’s not always possible.

Summary: Ivy and Bean are ecstatic to sign up for ballet class until they realize there will be no sword-fighting, kicking or “dancing to the death”. When Bean’s parents won’t let her quit, Ivy agrees to stick it out with Bean.

Title: Ivy + Bean: Doomed To Dance

Rating: U

Runtime: 53 Minutes

Cast: Keslee Blalock, Madison Skye Validum, Nia Vardalos, Lidya Jewett, Marci T. House, Jaycie Dotin, Garfield Wilson, Sasha Pieterse, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Innocent Ekakitie, Marlee Walchuck Hudson Hua, Parker Hua, Claire Smid, Jesse Gerasi, Mia SwamiNathan, Ava Marchfelder, Roman Pesino and Sailor Winter Rain Vaughn.

Director: Elissa Down

Writers: Annie Barrows (Books), Jeff Stockwell & Kathy Waugh


The third movie in the series following book characters in this live action movie of Ivy and Bean two best friends that like to cause trouble, have fun and make magic spells. In this movie Ivy learns all about the Ballet of Giselle and ropes Bean into re-enacting it and then convincing their parents to let them join dance classes, but they don’t enjoy it at all once they get there.

Ivy and Bean got into a lot less trouble in this one, we’re much less mischievous than in the previous movies. They were too focused on their dancing and getting out of the commitment they’d made. Neither of them were able to understand or were very good at it, which made it hard for them as the6 thought it’d be fun. They became embarrassed by everyone laughing at them, but I love that eventually they learnt to over come it and do it anyway, no matter how hard it was.

Bean and Nancy were as always being horrid to each other but a bit less from Bean this time, we also got a bit of maturity out of Nancy towards the end which was great to see some kindness. Their parents again were not helpful or good at stopping the bad behaviour, plus weren’t really good at helping Bean whilst she was struggling.

I don’t think I enjoyed this one as much as the other two movies, though it was still very good and fun to watch i just didn’t quite like it as much, the little bits of trouble they got into in the other movies were what made them fun and this one lacked that. The ballet stuff was really good, funny and entertaining, the ballet teacher and piano player were really funny and did add to the episode.

I’ve absolutely enjoyed and loved watching these three Ivy and Bean movies and wish we would get more of them, three is really not enough at all, there’s a whole book line do all of them please. They are so fun and creatively made and a perfect, funny, easy watch for families.


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