Summary: A young orphan opens the heart of billionaire Sir Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks.

Title: Annie Live!

Rating: PG

Runtime: 2 Hours 7 Minutes

Cast: Celina Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Taraji P. Henson, Nicole Scherzinger, Titus Burgess, Megan Hilty, Audrey Cymone, Cate Elefante, Tessa Frascogna, Felipe Kakletris, Sophie Knapp and Arwen Monzon-Sanders.

Directors: Lear DeBessonet and Alex Rudzinski

Writer: Thomas Meehan (Book)


Well that was umm… interesting… I was hoping for a lot more than we got out of this. There were way too many issues with this and things I just didn’t like at all. I wish I could have enjoyed it more as I love Annie but this was really not that great.

The singing was pretty bad and most actors couldn’t sing very well at all, the adults all came across so self centred and it made the show about them when it’s not at all about them. I am so sad that I didn’t overly like the lead actress playing Annie, she was an okay actress but her singing was really pitchy which is such a shame, she wasn’t a strong singer at all.

The casting was really not great for the adult cast either, particularly Miss. Hannigan and Grace were the worst of the casting in my opinion. They were awful and I wouldn’t have personally cast either of them for these roles, they didn’t do them justice and they were so obviously trying to steal the lime light and I couldn’t stand them unfortunately.

The choreography was really good, really creative and fun to watch and I loved the details within and the use of props within it. I did enjoy watching the choreography throughout the whole of this production, it was one of the few good parts.

My favourite and biggest highlight of this whole show was the orphans those children were impeccably talented and literally saved the show in my opinion. They could all sing, all were really funny and all were incredible dancers. They all worked so well off of each other and really liked the scenes they were in. Side note to the actress playing Molly she was hilarious with her added sass she put into the role, loved that child she was my favourite of the whole show.

I am so disappointed in this production I really am, I love Annie so much and it has a huge place in my heart and I finally got around to watching this live production thinking it would be really good and boy was I so wrong about that. From the bad acting and bad singing this let me down a lot. This could have been so so good if only it was cast just a bit better and the adults weren’t stealing the lime light constantly.

Ensemble Cast: Wendi Bergamini, Jadaya Bivins, Brittany Conigatti, Ben Davis, Kayal Goins, Trinity Inay, Jeff Kready, Liz McCartney, Anastacia McCleskey, Gianna Rice, Eliseo Roman, Jacob Keith Watson, Lily Tamburo, Kennedy Thompson and McKenzie Kurtz.

Dancers Cast: Zachary Downer, Karla Garcia, Luke Hawkins, Christopher Hernandez, Afra Hines! Jenny Laroche, Morgan Marcell, Brandt Martinez, Sheerod Tate, Tanari Sade Vazquez, Alex Wong, Corde Young and Alan To.

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