Synopsis: The grown-ups all think she’s going to die soon-she can see it in their eyes. Still, when poor twelve-year-old Stina is sent to remote Raspberry Hill Sanatorium she can’t believe her luck. She gets to ride in a real motor car to the hospital, which looks like a magnificent castle hidden deep in the forest.

But as Stina explores the long, echoey corridors of her eerie new home, she begins to suspect that the building is concealing a dark secret. How did the old East Wing burn down? Why doesn’t her mother reply to any of her letters? And what are the nurses all so afraid of?

Stina is determined to solve the mystery of Raspberry Hil­l-but as she edges closer to the truth, she finds herself in terrible danger…

Release Date: 13st October 2022

Genres: Mystery, Middle Grade, Teen, Horror, Asylums, Historical, Tuberculosis, Helath, Mad Scientists, Paranormal, Friendship, Family

Pages: 160

Thank you so much to Pushkin Press and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: I was hooked instantly, I couldn’t put this down, I had to keep reading and reading and my goodness this was such an incredible book. It never let me down not once, it was exquisitely written and created. It had so many elements to it that just hooked you in and enraptured my attention consistently.

Stina a young girl with Tuberculosis is sent on an exciting adventure to a beautiful sanatorium that is going to use her for research to help other children get better. Hoping the fresh forest air and the medications they are using will cure her and they finally have a success story. All is not what it seems in this sanatorium though and there’s a dark mystery lurking in the shadows.

Stina was the most incredible protagonist, what she was going through was not easy. She was so brave, so confident and hopeful throughout everything that was happening. She told the story so wonderfully, she draws you in and makes you root for her to get better and lures you into the darker mystery as it unfolds. I loved this girl and reading the story she was telling was incredible.

I had no idea what I was expecting with this book at all I knew it was a mystery, I knew it was set at a Sanatorium that’s was my knowledge going into it. (Though both of those thing are enough to draw me to read it instantly.) I got so much more than this we got a sweet story that actually gave me tears, it made my heart race and got me reading feverantly to see what was coming next. It gave me characters that you connect too and characters you hate instantly and others that you can’t figure out and are intrigued by.

This story is incredible it’s written so perfectly, it really captures your attention, it draws you in, has you trying to solve the mystery but never figuring it all out, giving you twists in the storyline. I honestly couldn’t recommend this book more if I tried, it’s got so much appeal about for so many people that would all love this, especially anyone that loves a good mystery. It has elements of horror within it too so horror fans would enjoy it. It’s one book that will not disappoint you at all it’s so enrapturing from start to finish.


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