Synopsis: The lighthouse keeper takes a two-week vacation every summer, and the town holds a lottery to see who will replace him. Past candidates have either disappeared, died, or come back not quite right, so there hasn’t been a volunteer for decades. Until Jake. After reading about the job opportunity in the county paper, Jake applies. Angry at the world, seventeen-year-old Jake is sure that two weeks living in the lighthouse can’t be worse than what he has to endure at home. Besides, the town is offering a thousand dollars, free meals delivered, and a mostly quiet place to stay. Jake is sure this is going to be the cushiest job he’s ever had.

Release Date: 14th October 2022

Genres: YA, Horror, Paranormal, Teen, Small Town, Historical, Nightmares.

Pages: 56

Thank you so much to Beaches and Trails Publishing and StoryOrigin for the ebook to read and review.

Review: The lighthouse is a feared place that no one wants to work at for the two weeks the keeper leaves. Then Jake new in town for his dads job sees a job advertisement that is too good to be true, though the job isn’t quite as he expected and things take a nightmarish turn.

I love lighthouses and stories about them really get me interested, I really found it fascinating in this story we went down a sort of horror path. They are creepy at times I can totally get where the author was coming from with the idea. I honestly didn’t find this to be scary in anyway personally. We only got a small amount of horror within this story and that was with the weird nightmares he had. I loved the concept for this story and honestly expected so much more creepy, eerie and scary, horror than we actually got.

Jake moved in having no issues at all, then suddenly he gets a couple nightmares that felt real, given they were weird, unusual and a bit scary. Honestly though with how the character was written I expected a different turn out. To me he seemed like the type of character to laugh it off, saying it’s all irrational and move on. Unfortunately he didn’t, plus I’m still so utterly confused by the ending of this story.

I did like this story, It was written well and the story behind it was really interesting, I liked the way that literally everyone was terrified to even go close to the lighthouse as they were so scared of it. I had so many thoughts going into this story of what might come and how scary the lighthouse was going to be. I found though it missed a really good opportunity to be really scary, this story could have been a great terrifying horror.

So overall I liked the story, it was a great book, but wasn’t scary. It’s still a good addition to this series, it’s still a really fun and interesting read. I’m sure some out there might find it scary, for me I just didn’t see it. I enjoyed reading it a lot and seeing the story unfold and the hidden secrets of the lighthouse.


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