Summary: Life is anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, as they navigate Normal Street – an ordinary suburb that has a hint of something magical just beneath the surface.

Title: Gortimer Gibbons Life On Normal Street

Rating: PG

Runtime: 23minutes Per Episode

Cast: Sloane Morgan Siegel, Ashley Boettcher, Drew Justice, Robyn Lively, Chandler Kinney, David Bloom, Coco Grayson, Kim Rhodes, Paula Marshall, Luke Matheny, Benjamin Koldyke, Fionnula Flanagan and Ryder Cohen.

Writers: David Anaxagoras, Aminta Goyel, Garrett Frawley, Brian Turner, Gretchen Enders, Luke Matheny, Laurie Parres, Eric D. Wasserman, May Chan, Levi Abrino, Ann Lewis Hamilton and Jeremy Roth

Directors: Luke Matheny, Sasie Sealy, Aletha Jones, Ryan Shiraki, Joe Nussbaum, Steven K. Tsuchida, J. J. Johnson, Paul Hoen, Eduardo Enrique Mayén, Suzi Yoonessi and Jonathan Judge.


Gortimer Gibbons and his best friends Mel and Ranger have lived on normal street their whole lives. It’s a quiet and quaint small town where odd and mysterious things happen. The three of them together figure out what they are and try to sort out the problems, solving the mysteries.

This show is so intriguing the town has so many unusual things within it, from a bad luck charm that will flip flop its luck, to a book mobile that drives up and down town each year never stopping, an invisible girl that no one can see but her art is everywhere, a pencil that can erase memories and so many more mysteries.

I love the friendship between the three kids, they work so well together and you can tell the characters had been friends for years. The mysteries of the town and also the issues of growing up are shown in a really interesting way.

I really love that all the mysteries link up perfectly to what is going on in their lives each episode like how with a magic rainbow that the kids create with science to keep Gortimer’s dad around which end up his emotions control it. It’s a really clever aspect that each thing has a real life element that goes perfectly with the magical and mysterious elements.

There is so much in this show from the friendship, to the magic, the mysteries, the science and experiments the kids do, to solving what is going on. It’s a really easy and relaxing fun show for the whole family or just to entertain your kids for a while.


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