Synopsis: Soar into this modern Japanese classic about a young witch and her clever cat with this new translation by Emily Balistrieri which will delight fans of the beloved Studio Ghibli animated movie as well as new readers.

Kiki is a trainee witch. On her thirteenth birthday she must follow tradition and leave home to find a new village. She knows she has to use only her powers to make a living, but Kiki’s no good at potions or spells…can she use her flying abilities to make her own way in the world? She sets out with her beloved black cat Jiji on an exciting journey, making new friends along the way.

Release Date: 1st January 1989 (original version) & 1st July 2021 (this version)

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Witches, Magic, Flying, Adventure, Coming Of Age, Friendship.

Pages: 196

Review: Kiki is thirteen and a coming of age witch, this means she must fly away for a year and help a town that doesn’t have a witch. She finds a big town by the sea and using her only witch skill flying on her broom, she sets up a service to deliver anything for anyone.

This was really good, she had such a fascinating adventure in her new town and seeing so many new people and learning new skills. Some of the deliveries were so challenging for her and I loved that’s he had to be really creative in how she did them.

It was such a fun book, it was an easy and light read and I really loved Kiki and Jiji’s connection and how in everything they did they worked together to do it. I also loved that she made two best friends that were fascinated by her and she had a sweet home by the bakers.

The setting in this book sounds heavenly and magical and you get swept up into this beautiful world so quickly. It was different in many ways to the movie, but was still just as beautiful and fun. I really loved and enjoyed reading it.


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