Synopsis: A warm celebration of family diversity

In Aria’s tiny village, there are only nine houses. But each of them contains an entire universe. From Samir, whose grandparents never stop dancing, to Judith, whose father identifies as transgender, to Lily, who never knew her birth mother and who lives with her two adoring fathers. Aria introduces us to a wide range of family characteristics. How about your family—what makes it special?

Through Aria’s eyes, children discover that the family structure is not unique and that the people who make it up can be very different from each other, as long as they care for one another. A true ode to love, tolerance, and open-mindedness, this story is perfect for starting a dialogue with young children on a variety of issues, such as blended families, LGBTQ+ parents, adoption, and many others.

Release Date: 6th September 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Middle Grade, Family, Friends, Diversity, Small Towns, Inclusivity, Community, LGBT+.

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Chouette Publishing / CrackBoom! Books and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Aria lives in a small village and shows you round to everyone that lives there, sharing all the diverse and wonderful people that live there.

This was just beautiful from start to finish, it was told in such a beautiful way as though an actual child was sharing it with you. The people that we meet along the way were all so different, all so diverse and inclusive and Aria loves them all.

This is such a perfect book for showing children that families are all built differently, that each one is perfect and filled with love. The way Aria spoke about them was so natural and beautiful.

I really loved that we didn’t see one family of the same type, we got to see an experience of what families look like now, that each one is built differently and live differently. It was so sweet and the illustrations were really beautiful too.

This book is such an important book to show children exactly what a family could look like. This book is a must read I think for families it gives children a chance to see that there are many different varieties of family.


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