Synopsis: A YA Ghost Story: The house across the street is finally sold, and a couple moves in. While doing her homework, Morgan looks out and sees a guy about her age in the window on the third floor. As he’s staring right at her, she waves, but he doesn’t wave back. Mortified, she closes the drapes and berates herself for trying to be friendly.

Who’s the boy? Why isn’t he in school? Why do his parents deny having a son?

Release Date: 21st October 2022

Genres: Horror, Young Adult, Paranormal, Teen, Friendship, Obsession, Family

Pages: 65

Thank you so much to Beaches and Trails Publishing and StoryOrigin for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Morgan is sad when her best friend Sophie moves away, but then she spots a new boy across the street, in Sophie’s bedroom, staring at her. Something seems off about him, he doesn’t move and doesn’t blink and doesn’t respond to her. She soon becomes obsessed with him finding out who he is.

This was incredible and so haunting, I didn’t know what to expect from this one but it was really cleverly written and it enticed me the whole time. I was gripped, I wanted to know who this boy was just like Morgan did. I wanted to know what he was and why he just stayed there staring drawing her in. It was great fun to read this one.

I loved how it was really haunting and eerie with him just staring, not moving, not blinking, disappearing but never seen to move. It was fascinating and I was not prepared for what came at the end and I don’t think anyone will be, it was a creepy creative twist.

Morgan was interesting, she was just an average girl that so deeply missed her best friend Sophie that she forms this new obsession as nothing more than a distraction from losing Sophie. It was really interesting as it lead her down a rabbit hole of obsession, needing, wanting not stopping until she got her answers. Literally no one stopped her or even really believed her. It was fascinating how she got so sunk into this.

I really enjoyed this one it was such a clever story that was very haunting and had me feeling the dread and coldness she was feeling of him watching her. I am enjoying this series of short young adult horror stories they are so interesting. I do highly recommend this book and the series if you are a horror fan.


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