Synopsis: What happens when Jake falls asleep? The dreaming starts and his adventure begins! This particular night he meets a beautiful purple unicorn and she takes him on the ride of his life. Hop on for a crazy adventure filled with so many different animals you’ll lose count. This is the first book in the “Jake’s Dreamland” series which contains books that are purely ridiculous and insanely fun to read for all ages! It is the perfect bedtime story which starts off with a dream…and ends with a question.

Release Date: 22nd December 2021

Genres: Picture Books, Dogs, Animals, Dreams, Adventures,

Pages: 35

Thank you so much to booksgosocial / Jake’s World and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Jake is a white puppy who has a big imagination when he dreams, sharing his dream of playing with a unicorn named Gwen and the adventure he has in his sleep.

This was really cute, I loved how imaginative the book was and the things that Jake was able to do whilst in his dream land. He was driving, riding a unicorn and even went down under the sea. We saw lots of unique events within the dream and it was really cute. I liked seeing how his new friends were and seeing the underwater dream world. It was such an imaginative story.

The illustrations were good and worked well for the story, I think that little ones would really like the story, with it being about a puppy and a unicorn I can imagine it to be a favourite for some readers and they’ll be whisked away with Jake in his adventure.


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