Synopsis: A YA Ghost Story. What could be creepier than a doll that animates when it’s not supposed to? Based on True Events.

Release Date: 28th October 2022

Genres: Young Adult, Teen, Friendship, Ghost Stories, Halloween, Haunted Dolls, Paranormal

Pages: 57

Thank you so much to Beaches and Trails and StoryOrigin for the ebook to read and review.

Review: It’s Halloween and the school have set up a whole haunted school to scare the kids, but one group find that it wasn’t scary at all so sneak off to the woods to tell ghost stories to each other. One kid tells a true family story of a haunted doll.

This wasn’t at all what I thought this book would be at all, you hear haunted doll you think an actual creepy doll. Nope this was such a unique and different type of haunted doll. It was an intriguing read, though but not as I’d expected. I unfortunately found that it wasn’t all that scary, it had an eeriness to it whilst he was telling the story but I found personally I wasn’t scared.

Charlie is telling his story, a true story from his family of a doll that was so haunted it wouldn’t go away, he tells it hoping to completely scare all his friends. He delves into the fullest of details from getting the doll, to reviewing the doll, the life of the doll within the family, the haunting of the doll to it’s finally destination. Taking his time to share each part of the story and build up the tension and eeriness to his friends.

I really did like that it was a different type of doll that was creepy and haunted, it was really interesting choice, any doll can get possessed so it’s a really clever one to choose. The story itself was interesting, i liked the tone and how he was slowly building up the story, hooking in his friends. I just personally found it failed to scare me, that doesn’t mean to someone else it wouldn’t scare them, I’m actually certain to some they would be really scared, but for me it didn’t.

I love haunted doll stories, they are so interesting and fascinating what these dolls will do to stick around. I liked the repetitiveness of what was going on. I also really liked the brief time in the haunted school seeing what the one teacher had done to scare them all. Shame there wasn’t more of that stuff and that the other teachers hadn’t gone all out on the scariness, could have been a really creeped out haunted school event to read about.

This was a good book and very interesting story with a little eeriness to it. This whole series has been really interesting and if you are interested in horror and creepy stories then you should totally give these a read. They are short, there are only four books to the series and they are all really unique and interesting stories.


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