This review may contain spoilers.

Summary: After inheriting a Christmas tree farm, a woman’s plans to sell it change when she falls in love with the townspeople and meets a charming lawyer named Tucker.

Title: Christmas Land

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Rating: U

Cast: Nikki DeLoach, Luke Macfarlane, Jason-Shane Scott, Maureen McCormick, Chonda Pierce, Annette Wright, Wes Wright, Cynthia Gibb, Richard Karn, Michael Flynn, James H. Jamison, Jarrod Phillips, Don Hudson, Malinda Money and Shayla MCCaffrey.

Director: Sam Irvin

Writers: Daisy MacLean, Robin Archer and Jay Ciprian


Jules inherits an entire land centred around Christmas from her late grandma. She goes with the expectation of selling the property as she has a life in the city. She slowly falls back in love with the town and it’s people. Though when she is tricked by a buyer for the land as has to find a way to get it back and save Christmas land she is left on a time crunch.

This was beautiful I loved the storyline, the characters and the land itself. It was so visually perfect, I love a Christmas movie that instantly makes you feel warm and fussy and Christmassy, this one did that instantly.

Jules loved the place which was so sweet but it wasn’t part of her life anymore, I did love seeing how important it was and that she wanted to keep it as it was meant to be and not have it destroyed. It was horrible that she was so easily manipulated though, I was a bit confused how she was so gullible to accept the first offer she got without even reading the contract. It was such an important place to her that the way she so easily offered it up made very little sense to me.

I really loved the slow build up of the relationship with Tucker. You could see the sweet connection the two of them had from the instant they met and how cute they were together throughout the movie. It was so sweet that it was written in such a beautiful natural way and that the romance wasn’t just rushed and hurried. I always prefer it when they are done slowly with a sweet build up through the movie.

This was seriously such an adorable and sweet movie, it had such a nice Christmassy feel to it and the land was so stunning, the care the characters had for each other and their town was so cute. There is nothing more special than a small town all about Christmas, it is just so magical. I loved this movie.


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