This review may contain spoilers, I do my best to avoid them but it’s not always possible.

Summary: Maddie slips in a wish that her sister Faith will experience true love for the first time. The next day, Faith meets seemingly-perfect Andrew, but is he really the one for her?

Title: A Christmas Wish

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Cast: Hilarie Burton-Morgan, Tyler Hilton, Megan Park, Lee Norris, Madeleine McGraw, Aidan McGraw, Christián de la Fuente, Colin Fickes, Ryan Broussard, Pam Grier, Willie Garson, Rhoda Griffis, Bruce MacVittie, Antwon Tanner and Barbara Alan Woods.

Director: Emily Miss Wilson

Writer: Emily Miss Wilson


Faith is about to lose her job at the school as an art teacher, as it’s being replaced with technology, she now has to try and save it. Her sister Maddie is in town for the holidays the two of them go to the wish tree from their childhood and create a wish for Faith to have true loves kiss. Then suddenly all the single men in town seem to be drawn to her, she can’t get away from them.

This wasn’t bad, it didn’t feel overly Christmassy though, but it was a good movie. I liked that it was layered and wasn’t centred around one thing. It’s a premise you don’t really see very often in Christmas movies so it was good. You didn’t just have all the men causing trouble, you had her school/work issues, her family and her best friend it was good that there was a lot of central storylines.

I really loved the connection from everyone, the family felt like a real family and were all so close, I also loved that they welcomed her sisters boyfriend so easily. You are instantly drawn to Wyatt and Faith knowing there was more than friendship between them. I really loved her connection with the children she taught too, she was such a great teacher and they all seemed to love her and it was really sweet.

It was certainly predictable in places and from the start you can sort of guss parts of the storyline. I did like that some parts were not as you expected at all though, it had a good balance. It was really sweet and an enjoyable Christmas movie, it had heart, romance and an alternate story not connected to Christmas which was a good added touch.


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