Synopsis: Help little ones be patient until Christmas with this storytelling twist on the timeless Advent tradition. Each day, starting December 1st and counting down to Christmas Eve, children can read a story that recounts how Santa and Ms. Claus, the elves and the reindeer get ready for the big night ahead, from Santa’s initial fitness test (will he make it through the chimney this year?) to a behind-the-scenes look at Santa’s toy factory. A book that captures all the excitement and the magic of the holiday season.

Release Date: 11th October 2022

Genres: Christmas, Santa, Elves, Picture Books, Holidays, Countdown, Animals, Toys, Countdown, Middle Grade

Pages: 52

Thank you so much to Chouette/ CrackBoom! Books and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Santa has a long list of things to do starting on the 1st December and must cross everything off with the help of his elves and Mrs. Clause. Each day Santa will count down and cross another thing off his list.

I love the creativity of this not only was it Santa’s countdown but it’s a perfect countdown for children too. They will be getting so excited as it gets closer and closer to Christmas and this gives them and idea of what Santa could be doing in preparation for it. I can imagine this also being used along side an adventure calendar, one page a day until Santa’s list is completed.

I loved that it was comical, Santa had so many funny catch phrases, Tek the elf was always coming up with some new funny technology to improve Santas job, and Poppy the elf was getting stressed over the toys being made in time. It was all made so comical children will be giggling away whilst reading or listening to this.

It had really nice illustrations on each page and seeing what they were up to within the story is always fun, children will be inspecting the pictures I’m sure. I really loved the creativity of this and the uniqueness, I’ve not seen a Christmas book done in this way before and I really enjoyed it.

This is a perfect family read aloud book, it’s enjoyable for most ages that are excited for Christmas Day to arrive. It’s funny, nice to look at, the story is creative and it will get you all Christmassy.


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