Synopsis: The Big Christmas Bake is a funny, lively romp through the twelve days of Christmas, taking the elements of the popular carol, and weaving them cleverly into the ingredients for a Twelfth Night Cake.

Starting with the partridge and its gift of dried fruit, this rhyming story includes all of the familiar characters from the song as they all contribute to the baking of the magnificent Twelfth Night cake.

Characterfully illustrated by Pippa Curnick The Big Christmas Bake is a beautiful, lyrical, and gently humourous Christmas story for the whole family to enjoy. 

Release Date: 4th October 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Baking, Cakes, Friendship, Animals, Christmas, Holidays, Songs, Traditions

Pages: 32

Review: A tale of the twelfth night of Christmas song, told through two children who are baking a cake after Christmas. As you turn each page you see another character from the song, each one bringing an item to help bake the wondrous cake.

This was absolutely adorable and so incredibly creative. Each element of the song was incorporated in such a clever way to tell the story of the song. I loved all the different characters throughout the book and how each one came to help with the cake. The story was told in such a really cute and fun way.

The back of the book also shares with you the full song so you can teach it to your little ones. It also gives you the recipe to know how to make the cake yourself it’s such an incredible touch and I loved that they were included.

The illustrations are stunning and so beautiful, it’s such a colourful book and it’s so much fun flipping through and looking at all the characters gets and what they bring, and the progress of the cake coming together.

This is such a sweet book and is a great holiday book, it keeps the magic going a bit longer after Christmas and tells them a fun story, one I haven’t seen told before. I do recommend reading this with your young children, they’ll really enjoy it.


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