Summary: In the days leading up to Christmas, a young and newly engaged heiress experiences a skiing accident. After being diagnosed with amnesia, she finds herself in the care of the handsome lodge owner and his daughter.

Title: Falling For Christmas / Christmas in Wonderland

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Sean Dillingham, Aliana Lohan, Kate Rachesky, Iscar Rudecino, Lonzo Liggins, Antonio D. Charity, Omar Wilder and Blythe Howard.

Director: Janeen Damian

Writers: Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver


Rich girl and ski lodge hotel heiress Sierra goes out skiing with her boyfriend and takes a huge tumble down the hill, she hits her head and has no memory of who she is anymore. Jake who owns a family run b&b ski lodge takes her in and he and his family help her.

This was such a feel good Christmas movie, it was really beautifully done, had a great cast, was funny, romantic and was enjoyable to watch. When it started I didn’t know if it would be good but then we got to the best part of the storyline and it just became such a beautiful movie.

I really loved Jake, Avy and Alejandra they were such an adorable family unit and when Sarah/Sierra stays with them they take her on as though she were family and that was gorgeous. I adored her connection with little Avy the two of them together was so sweet, I loved scenes with them together. I loved her chemistry and connection with Jake it was so beautiful and they worked so well together. Alejandra was like a mother to her which was so sweet, you could see they needed each other.

I loved seeing how much she developed over the course of the movie from a snobby, bratty rich girl, to this caring, helpful and loving woman. I love good character progression. I hated Tad from the first instant we saw him, oh my gosh what a jerk he was, though the travelling stuff was funny. I still just couldn’t stand him, so irritating and pathetic.

This was such an adorable movie, I really loved it all the way through. I adored the Christmassy feel this movie had and it was so stunning. It was warm and so magical, so sweet, certainly a perfect feel good movie. I really loved seeing Lindsay acting again was so wonderful to see. The whole cast worked so well together and really helped you connected with this gorgeous family. It’s such a great movie and I highly recommend that you watch it.


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