Synopsis: Maggie Sparks is NOT telling the truth!

Well, not now after everyone believed her lying cousin Ella over her, landing Maggie in BIG trouble.

But the more lies Maggie tells, the more chaos they cause and the less Arthur wants to be friends with her. Luckily, Maggie’s a super powerful, super smart, super talented witch. She’s determined to use her powers to put things right again, ace her school project and win back Arthur’s friendship.

All she needs is a little magic …

Release Date: 8th September 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Lies, Friendship, Family,

Pages: 112

Thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing for kindly giving me a copy to read and review.

Review: Maggie’s cousin Ella gets hurt when they play together and she tells a lie, blaming Maggie. No one believes her so Maggie decides that telling lies is the best way, so keeps telling lie after lie to everyone around around her.

This was a really cute book, I liked that it had a really important lesson within it about lying and telling the truth. I liked that it was done in a fun way with magic, dragons, chameleons and a kind family member.

There were lots of characters in the book and each one helped teach Maggie the right way to be and that lying isn’t a good thing at all. I liked the secret magic element and that as she was in training so she messed things up, giving the story a funny element.

The illustrations within this book were really sweet and I enjoyed looking at them. The book was funny, it was really cute and it had good character growth and a lesson told in a fun way. I’m sure that kids will really enjoy this book and the others in the series, it was very adorable to read.


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