Summary: Grace is thrilled to be taking over the town’s Christmas parade, but when the man playing St. Nick breaks his arm, she needs to find a replacement, even if the replacement is unwilling.

Title: Finding Santa

Rating: G

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Cast: Jodie Sweetin, Eric Winter, Kathy Hoffman, Dolores Drake, Jay Brazeau, Ava Talek, Billy Wickman, Laura Mitchell, Karen Holmes, Ian Rozylo, Brendan Sunderland, Karen Kruper, Mike Cavers and John Prowse.

Director: David Winning

Writer: Julie Sherman Wolfe


It’s the 50th anniversary for the town run by Grace’s family the whole. Their famous Santa gets hurt but no one can replace him, expect his son Ben. Grace goes to Boston to recruit him, though It’s no easy feat as he begrudges Christmas and Santa. On their snowy travels back he sees Christmas through children’s eyes, and through a town that treasures it and he finally understand the magic behind it.

I liked this one a lot it was so Christmassy from the start and I always love it when movies are super magical and special like this. Before you even met Ben you know they are going to fall in love, but when they did meet the connection between them was instant. You could feel the chemistry and it only continued through the movie.

The woman filming for publicity was so annoying and was probably the only bad part in this whole movie. She honestly just got in the way, caused trouble, was incredibly rude to Grace and everyone else and I couldn’t stand her. I get the plot point as she was there to publicise the parade and bring people to the small town but I couldn’t stand her.

I loved how the story progressed with her trying to recruit Ben, with him begrudging it and saying no to being Santa the whole time. Too eventually finding things aren’t so bad and that Christmas can be something special and magical. I loved their connection growing more and more and they were so cute together, I really enjoyed seeing them together as a couple, super cute.

This is a really good Christmas movie and it was so sweet, the casting was great and it was so romantic. I enjoyed it so much and the ending was literally perfection. If you want a beautiful, festive feel good romantic Christmas movie watch this one, it’s great.


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