Synopsis: While Sarah and her mother are preparing for Christmas, Sarah makes a list of five wishes she has for Santa. She asks her mother when it’s time to tell Santa her five wishes, but each time she’s ready, Santa is nowhere to be found! Her mother assures her that Santa is coming, likely on Christmas Day. Sarah is patient, does fun activities, and enjoys the days leading up to Christmas. When Christmas Day arrives, Sarah is given the surprise of her life!

Release Date: 20th November 2021

Genres: Picture Book, Christmas, Holidays, Wishes, Magic, Santa, Family, Friendship, Military, Middle Grade

Pages: 29

Thank you so much to the independent publisher/ author and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Sarah has a list of five wishes for what she wants for Christmas but she can’t find Santa to tell him. But her mom has a secret of her own and keeps helping her through her list.

This was really cute, I loved that Sarah was so excited for Santa and wanted to tell him what was on her list. She didn’t share with anyone what her list was and it was really beautiful at the end learning exactly what it was she had wanted.

I love that this book had a sweet message for enjoying and loving the simpler things that are gifts in your life. None of the children in this book asked for loads of presents and all wanted simpler things that they loved.

The illustrations throughout were really beautiful and I loved looking at them on each page, seeing what Sarah was doing and how she was celebrating Christmas with her mother. A really sweet Christmas book, a sweet message, cute characters and really beautiful illustrations.


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