Synopsis: For all those exhausted, overwhelmed parents and their never-sit-still toddlers who despise sleep comes a cute and quirky tale of getting the bedtime routine just right. Never underestimate the power of an attention-deprived older sibling to creatively problem-solve the bedtime battle. Visual humor and lyrical rhyming text depict the utter chaos of living with the joyful, rambunctious Lumber Baby and will have the whole family in stitches as they turn each page.

A delightful tale both of individuality and family endurance, Lumber Baby captures the best of boisterous toddlerhood and of ingenuity, especially in the face of exhaustion. For anyone who has experienced sleepless nights with little ones, who has given up on traditional bedtime routines, or who just enjoys a laugh at the antics of happy kids marching to their own beat, this book is for you.

Release Date: 26th May 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Humour, Babies, Families, Parenting

Pages: 32

Thank you to Kind World Publishing and Netgalley for ethe ebook to read and review.

Review: This was so hilarious and not at all what I expected it to be, the lumber baby won’t settle down to sleep and keeps causing a ruckus every night. The family want to sleep but he refuses everything they try.

I really enjoyed the hilarity of the story and the rhyming way it was written was so great. He destroys everything and nothing that worked on his big sister works for him. You see her observing everything and suddenly she knows what to do. What she came up with just continued the hilarity of the story to me.

This was so cute and really funny the illustrations were great and the thread of the story was enjoyable. I recommend if you are looking for a funny easy to read picture book that you give this a shot it made me laugh. It really wasn’t what I thought but was such a good read.


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