Synopsis: Meet Grace: monster-hunter extraordinaire! Meet Mr Harris: grumpy and badly behaved cyclops!

Monster-hunter Grace needs to capture a horde of dangerous monsters who have escaped from Monster World Prison. A tricky challenge…

Luckily for Grace, she has Mr Harris on her team. He’s a pretty good sidekick when he’s not eating things he shouldn’t be – or accidently exploding!

A fantastically funny book full of doughnuts, wild adventure and monster madness!

Release Date: 7th July 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Humour, Monsters, Adventure, Crime, Friendship, Cakes.

Pages: 225

Review: A new mission is assigned as monsters from the monster prison have escaped and Colonel Hardy needs The Hunters and Mr. Harris to hunt them down and bring them back. Only problem is that Mr. Harris is missing, he is on his own mission to find his mother. Grace not only has to go searching for the monsters around monster world, but also has to find Mr. Harris.

I loved that we got to meet many new monster types throughout the book. With so many having been escaped it was really great getting to see and learn about new ones. I always love the monster glossary at the back of the book as it shares so much more about each of them.

Grace had a big job in this one, trying to figure out what monsters were around, to stop them before any of them do anything drastic and get them back in prison. She finds along the way not all of them are as bad as she thought. I loved that she was able to see that even though they were from a monster prison they weren’t always all that bad.

Mr. Harris, being on his own mission was hilarious, he was still extra rude to Grace as he would be, he had his very own mission and ignored the one that he was hired for. This made everything so much harder for Grace having two big jobs to do. I loved the donkey storyline, he was constantly trying to ride it when he is much too big for poor Betsy, the whole donkey story made me laugh from the start, it was hilarious.

I loved that over time their storylines connected back together again and they were finally able to help each other within their cases. We needed the duo back together and I liked the way it happened. I also liked how it ended for them and that they got what they wanted out of their adventure.

I always love the illustrations within this book, they are always so fun to look at and seeing the monsters be brought to life in the illustrations is always so much fun. Not one page goes without an illustration and love the added details of that, with foot print patterns or doughnuts and then the really big pictures of scenes or characters. I love looking at them.

This was a really perfect addition to the series and was so much fun to read, I love seeing what cases they get put on , what monsters are lurking around and causing trouble. What insubordination and trouble Mr. Harris is getting himself into each time. I really enjoy this series, and i enjoyed this great new addition to the series too.

I highly recommend this series, it is so fun you go on such great adventures, you will laugh so much from the start and meet so many monsters. Mr. Harris will continuously be his rude but funny self and you’ll eventually grow to love him for all that he actually is.


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