Synopsis: When Giving Gal hosts her annual Christmas Cookie Extravaganza, she is excited for her new friend, Tianna, to join in on the fun. Initially, the day doesn’t go as planned. But Giving Gal persists in giving encouragement, showing kindness, and making sure her friend feels included. This beautifully illustrated, heartfelt story reminds us of the power of our strengths and how, when we come together, magical moments happen.

Release Date: 18th July 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Christmas, Friendship, Kindness, Baking, Cookies, Holidays, Creativity,

Pages: 36

Thank you so much to Giving Gal, LLC and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: It’s Giving Gals cookie extravaganza day, where all her friends come round and bake. She’s so excited that her new friend Tianna is coming. Tianna though struggles to find anything she feels good at but Gal doesn’t give up on her.

This was really sweet, Giving Gal was such a Christmassy child, and making cookies and cakes and having all her friends over made her so happy. She organised everything and it was so adorable. I really liked that she wanted everyone to be included and be part of the fun day.

Poor Tianna her first time being part of it and she struggled so much and I hated that she kept putting herself down, not even trying anything. I also hated that not one adult helped her feel better about herself. I did like that Gal cared about her and wanted to get her a job she felt confident in, it was very sweet.

The illustrations were watercolour pictures and were stunning, I love seeing hand drawn illustrations in books and these looked so pretty. We also got a really cute game throughout the book, that would ask you to search for a certain number of hearts on certain pages. That was so enjoyable and a very clever touch by the illustrator.

This is a really pretty, really sweet and very kind book about the sharing and the kindness at Christmas time. It’s a really nice read and is really nice to look at, plus the mini game is so much fun to do.


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