Summary: Fifteen years after her happily ever after, Giselle questions her happiness, inadvertently turning the lives of those in the real world and Andalasia upside down in the process.

Title: Disenchanted

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

Cast: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph, Gabriella Baldacchino, James Marsden, Idina Mendel, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Kolton Stewart, Oscar Nuñez, Alan Tudyk, Griffin Newman, Rachel Duff, Brooke Jospehson, Mila & Lara Jackson. (Special appearance by Rachel Covey)

Director: Adam Shankman

Writers: Bill Kelly (Original), Brigitte Hales, J. David Stem, David M. Weiss and Richard LaGravenese


The sequel to Enchanted takes place years later after Giselle and Robert have a baby Sofia and feel the city is too crowded. They move to a quaint town named Monroeville which Morgan hates, and soon everything goes wrong and Giselle wishes her life were like a fairytale.

I’m not the biggest fan of the original but it was still better than this one. The story was dull, it just seemed so pointless. The main storyline focus was on now teenager Morgan, who was so bratty and rude, it just got annoying, then in the fairytale world Morgan was over the top chipper it was very odd how quick her character changed. I didn’t really get the way they created her character i kinda wish they spent more time creating her personality, rather than going from a generic bratty teen to over eccentric by the click of finger.

Giselle’s wish takes on a life of its own, bringing her land Andalasia through, Robert is battling ogres and dragons for some reason, wasn’t very clear on why if I’m honest. Giselle is slowly turning into a wicked step mother as Morgan diminished her to one. Then the battle with the queen of the town both wanting to be the most powerful and rule the land who have a huge strange battle off. So weird.

This was just all too much and not in a good way, the songs were atrocious bar one that Elsa… I mean Nancy sings (come on it sounded like an Elsa song), the acting wasn’t that great at all by any of the actors in this movie. It was all so tacky and way over the top. I was actually pretty bored with this movie very early on and it didn’t get much better as you go along the movie.

I liked that again with the original movie they connected to the cartoon world, I always loved the animation parts of the movie, they are the most creative scenes and I enjoy them. We also got a lot more elements from many other fairytales which was a clever nod. This was not for me at all, I’m sure someone will enjoy it, but I just didn’t at all.


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