Summary: A young girl discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she traverses dreams and flees nightmares, with the hope that she will be able to see her late father again.

Title: Slumberland

Rating: PG

Runtime: 2 Hours

Cast: Marlow Barkley, Jason Momoa, Chris O’Dowd, Kyle Chandler, Cameron Nicoll, Antonio Pastore, Weruche Opia, India de Beaufort, Chris D’Silva, Yanna McIntosh, Jacob So, Izaac Smith, Michael Blake and Humberly González

Director: Francis Lawrence

Writers: David Guion and Michael Handleman


Nemo loses her dad and her life at the light house in one go, meaning she has to move with her uncle who has no idea how to look after her. She finds an adventure in Slumberland with Pig and Flip trying to make it through to get a pearl and see her dad again.

Wow wow wow this movie was beyond anything I have ever seen it was incredible. It was so heartbreaking, funny, wondrous, imaginative and action packed and so much more. The adventure and the clever graphics of the whole Slumberland were just amazing and so visually beautiful and masterful. I absolutely enjoyed and adored it.

As Nemo drifts off to sleep and finds herself in this whole land meeting her dads best friend Flip, a very eccentric character who guides her through peoples dreams. He has no desire to wake up and doesn’t recollect who he was in the waking world anymore. The two have a shaky relationship but they worked off each other perfectly, so much comedy between them.

I was instantly gripped into the story from the first second, I instantly fell in love with Nemo she was such an amazing character, she was so sweet, her story was so sad and so beautiful. She’s strong and determined and never gave up even when people tried to force her too. Pig was such a funny little creature who amazingly came to life and was hilarious the whole time, such a perfect sidekick for Nemo. Flip was hilarious and the attention to detail with him was insane, his ears moved and everything. He was such a hilarious character and always had something he was saying or doing that was funny.

I loved this movie it has so much to offers so you will instantly love this movie. I did and I cannot get over how good it really was, there are not enough words for how much I loved this movie. The acting is incredible from everyone, the storyline is so ingenious, moving, fun, hilarious and creative. The characters are all so unique, flawed and realistic all In this unrealistic yet wondrous world of Slumberland. You get a big mystery throughout that you are trying to piece together of who Flip really is, do the pearls exist and will Nemo find them.

There was nothing I’d fault about this at all it was incredible, a brilliant storyline, incredible graphics that are so beautiful, characters that are so unique and hilarious, a heart deep throughout and nothing but pure imagination. I highly recommend that you go and watch this movie, it’s so good.


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