This review may contain minor spoilers, I do my best to avoid them in my reviews.

Summary: Working through some difficult decisions, a mother and father summon their two grown sons home for the holidays.

Title: The Christmas House

Rating: G

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Cast: Robert Buckley, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Jonathan Bennett, Ana Ayora, Brad Harder, Mattia Castrillo, Gabriela Reynoso, Michelle Harris, Auden Wright, Ashley Hart, Shawn Alexander Gilmour, Zara Nikou Sichani, Coco Conn, Nathan Parrott, Hayden Charmichael and Chris Gauthier

Director: Michael Grossman

Writers: Erin Rodman and Robert Buckley


Mike A tv star is called home by his mom for the holidays to build a Christmas House one last time before his parents sell the house. With his brother, and brother in law to help and his old love interest and her son next door helping out he soon realises what was important in his life.

What a refreshing Christmas movie, it was so beautiful and so festive, so family orientated which I absolutely adored. I really loved the storyline, I loved the family coming together for what is the last time in that childhood home to make it special for the neighbourhood again.

I loved that we finally got a gay couple in a hallmark Christmas movie thank goodness for that finally happening. They were really cute and it made me so shocked to see it in a hallmark movie but really super happy too. I didn’t know that was coming in this movie so it was a pleasant surprise.

I loved Mike and Andie’s relationship, they literally seemed so close and connected from the start yet it had been years since they last saw each other. I loved how he connected with her son Noah so much too and that they did magic together again. It was all so natural and beautiful and progressed nicely and want the core focus of the movie.

This was a beautiful Christmas movie and I really loved everything about it. It was sad the parents were selling the house when it was so special and magical but luckily things worked out wonderfully. It ended perfectly and I’m looking forward to watching the second movie to see what happens next. This is a really feel good Christmassy movie so I highly recommend that you watch it, it’s so beautiful.


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