This review may contain minor spoilers, but I do my best to avoid them if I can.

Summary: With different holiday traditions across three pony lands, the Mane 5 race against time to celebrate everyone’s special customs and make it home in time for the Wishing Star.

Title: My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Winter Wish Day

Rating: U

Runtime: 48 Minutes

Cast: Jenna Warren, Ana Sani, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Aj Bridel, J.J. Gerber, Rob Tinkler, Amanda Martinez, Ellen-Ray Hennessy and Andrew Jackson

Director: William Lau

Writers: Gillian Berrow and Dave Horowitz


Really sweet Christmas episode, I loved that it showed all the traditions that each group of ponies had used for all these years while separated from each other. It was so sweet that they wanted to celebrate like normal but Sunny came up with a more special plan. Each one got to share their special traditions, what they all did for wish day and got to learn so much about their celebrations. It was a really special magical wish day.

I also loved that we didn’t have anything villainous happen in this one, it was just a sweet best friends special and they got to enjoy their holidays. It was funny when they got to the unicorn land and how they celebrated and what they were causing.

It was really cool that Izzy and Zipp had created a plane together, it was all made of old parts and had been fixed up and they and were using that to get around, so clever. I actually enjoyed this sweet special episode, it was really easy to watch and the song they sang together was cute.


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