Synopsis: Book 3 in the fun 1920s detective series starring twin sisters Christie and Agatha!

The truth of the matter is that a number of valuable artefacts have been stolen. There is a thief at the dig!

Christie and Agatha find themselves at the heart of a mystery, during the excavation of an Egyptian pharaoh. Lord and Lady Carnarvon’s dig is in jeopardy unless the thief at the site can be found. But time is quickly running out for the twins to wrap up the case at the mummy’s tomb.

Release Date: 4th October 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, Mystery, Friendship, Crime, Archeology, Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh’s, Adventure

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Sweet Cherry Publishing for kindly giving me a copy to read and review.

Review: Agatha, Christie and Auguste have been invited to Egypt to join the dig for Tutankahmuns items. As soon as they get there it’s on hold, someone has stolen artefacts and now the girls are in the case to solve who stole them, why and where are they.

I’ll be honest this book wasn’t easy for me to read, due to the fact i have and always have had a huge fear of this kind of thing anything to do with mummies, pharaohs and the like. So the overall topic of this book made it a difficult read for me on a personal level. I love this series so I still had to do my best and read.

I really liked that the girls had a big case once they got there, so many suspects, so many possibilities of who did it, why they did it and what they were truly up too. It was really interesting as each person had reasons. The girls are smart and always manage to figure out the cases and this one was no exception and they managed to save the day trick the thief and also made a friend.

I really liked that we had the addition of Ada Lemon a girl there for the dig who was a big fan of the girls. She was so excited to meet them and help them with the case that she was able to solve it herself too. I liked the extra inclusion of her, I always like new characters in these stories.

Though the topic and setting was hard to read, it was fun as always I always love Agatha and Christie and how different they are in what they do, how they solve the crimes. They are such brilliant protagonists. The illustrations in this book are as beautiful as always, I adore looking at them so much, they capture the era, the location, the story so perfectly.

I highly recommend this series of books, they are wonderful and so much fun, you get so many amazing cases to solve with the sister detectives, I always love solving the cases with them.

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