Synopsis: Lily Faye a friendly frog learns about mammals and the importance of trees. Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak teaches children that trees give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Children learn the importance of trees in an engaging way.

Release Date: 4th February 2021

Genres: Picture Books, Animals, Trees, Frogs, Nature, Science, Education,

Pages: 31

Thank you so much to Lioness Publishing House and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Lily Faye a frog is angry at the giant oak tree for blocking her Sun, then she sees humans for the first time and is fascinated so goes to investigate whilst listening in on their class she learns just how vital tree our to the world.

This was cute, it had a good moral to the story, great education on the importance of trees, cute little animals and pretty bright illustrations. I liked that Lily Faye had to learn, she got angry easily when she didn’t get what she wanted but when she stopped and listened and learnt that the tree was there for a very good reason.

This is a great book to include in a science topic, it is a really fun and easy read. Children will really enjoy learning from a book like this, it teaches them something important in an easy and fun way, rather than in a long winded boring way. It’s a fun and cute little read.


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