Summary: Scott Calvin is about to turn 65 and, realizing he can’t be Santa forever, sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in life south of the pole.

Title: The Santa Clauses

Rating: 6+

Runtime: 33 Minutes (each episode)

Cast: Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Austin Kane, Matilda Lawler, Devin Bright, Rupali Redd, Kat Penn, Isabella Bennett, Sasha Knight, Laura San Giacomo, Ruby Jay, Izaac Wang and Liam Kyle. Special Appearances by: Eric Lloyd, David Krumholtz and Peyton Manning.

Directors: Katie Locke O’Brien, Charles Randolph-Wright and Jason Winer

Writers: Leo Benvenuti, Emalee Burditt, Jack Burditt, Hayley Frazier, Eugene Garcia-Cross, Steve Rudnick, Alison Bennett, Austen Earl, Valentina Garza, Ariana Berkowitz, Ilana Wernick, Katy Colloton, Kevin Hench and Katie O’Brien


This started out incredibly awful, honestly it was such an atrocious show at the start. Nothing was accurate, everything had been changed weirdly, the characters weren’t acting right and i hated it so much. I had to persevere and though luckily it got better as the series went on, it still wasn’t great at all. It doesn’t correlate very well to the movies at all, it was very disappointing.

I get that times have changed so I expected some changes but practically nothing resembled the story as it used to be, the North Pole was so different and ran so differently. The elf Noel going with him? Confusing, and made no sense. The changes with the magic was weird. I didn’t like that they kept saying all the kids in the world weren’t believing. Children haven’t stopped believing, they still carry magic and Christmas spirit in their hearts. It was a very weird storyline.

Mrs. Clause was so strange and so not like herself, I just didn’t get it at all. Where was her school? Why did she keep saying she had no identity, it made no sense. How did she get so weird and grumpy and change so much if she hated that, no one said she had to be the version society said so why did she morph into that? How did they come to the conclusion she was the first wife of Santa? Not possible because movie two has the clause aka the Mrs. Clause and the De-Santa-fecation process begins, meaning no Santa can last longer than what 6-8 years without a Mrs. Clause by his side. So not a possibility and an utterly Ridiculous storyline.

The acting from practically everyone was pretty poor honestly, they weren’t convincing at all. I did like that we got to see more characters more different types of elves and their jobs within the pole, I liked that we saw a different way of finding a new Santa clause that was funny. I also loved seeing all the santas of time together was really clever touch.

It was great seeing Bernard and getting an answer to what happened to him. It was so sad seeing the elves disappearing constantly as they lost their faith in Christmas. I hated what Simon did up there what a horrible way to destroy Christmas and all the magic it entails. He was supposed to be making his daughter happy but instead he was just cruel and rude.

I was sad that we were missing lots of elements from the original movies though such as Chet the cutest and funniest reindeer, and there would have been lots of younger reindeer over the years. We didn’t get to see Lucy I missed her, I know she would have been working there at the pole as a fact, she loved it too much. No Laura or Neil either. We didn’t see the council of legendary figures that come every Christmas and would have been alerted to the dramas at the North Pole instantly that they would have been there. It was disappointing we also didn’t see that many elves, didn’t see them in the toy factory or walking down the streets, didn’t see the school or hospital they built or literally anything we had seen in previous movies.

The series did manage to get better as the episodes went on luckily and I was able to find some interest in what I was watching, as I was very worried it was going to continue to suck and that I was going to keep being bored and angry. I’m still not the biggest fan of the series overall, but the ending was better and the last couple episodes had good elements to them.

With the way it ended I’m assuming in like 12-16 years we will see our first Santa Clause with Buddy taking over I assume. I suppose we shall see, but they seemed to have practically left that open. I liked that we got some magic, we got heart right at the end. We carried on the snow globe theme which was cute and did help keep some of the magic the series lost. I can’t say I recommend this as I honestly don’t, but it’s your choice. I’m not planning on watching the series again personally and just sticking the movies that I love.


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