This review may contain some spoilers so keep that in mind when reading my review.

Summary: Middle child Becky who feels ignored by her family, makes a wish on Christmas Eve, that her family would truly hear her. All of her inside thoughts and frustrations begin to spill out as she inadvertently starts telling everyone what she really thinks.

Title: Christmas No Filter / Christmas Unfiltered

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Cast: Alison Fernandez, Judy Reyes, David DeLao, Gavin Bedell, Taylor Castro, Sofia Salas, Anya Ruoss, Dontavius Jawon Williams, Eli Daoudi, Patricia Fisher, Joe Geracie, Raina Grey, Leigh Higginbotham and Andrew Hunter.

Directors: Sarah Sherman and Zachary Ray Sherman

Writer: Billie Bates


Becky is ignored constantly by her family, she wants to make everyone happy so holds all her feelings deep inside herself. Her mom is so centred on her perfect Christmas blog posts, it all becomes too much for Becky so she makes a wish on a magic star, that everyone could hear what she has to say. Her wish comes true and suddenly she can’t stop speaking the truth.

Really good movie, it was so tough for her that literally no one understood her, cared about her or would listen to her, she seemed so depressed to me that everyone just ignored her. She was trapped with a family that didn’t care, that all had other important things planned and didn’t want to get to know her at all.

It was so funny once she started to keep speaking the truth everything she said made it all so much funnier. It did keep getting her in trouble, but that was mostly due to the way the parents treated her previously. Eventually it worked out in the end, her mom finally listened to her, her sisters were kind to her for once, her dad shared why he was obsessed with her doing football and she finally got somewhere with her dreams.

Her mom was honestly a bad mother, so self absorbed, so self-centred, so rude and unfeeling, she only cared about herself, her perfect Christmas and her followers more than anyone else. She wasn’t a good mother to any of her children, but worse to Becky who was the most ignored member of the family. It was so sad how rude her mom was to her, blaming Becky for everything going wrong, yet not caring that Becky never had a chance to speak before and she had a voice finally.

I hated their Christmas it was dull, unfeeling and cold. It should have been a special a magical time even if she was recording stuff for her blog. They spent the whole day apart, didn’t open presents properly spent the whole day shouting at each other. It was such a sad miserable day. I felt so bad for their family it should have been more special than that.

It’s a very interesting movie, not like a Christmas movie I’d seen before, plus you had a cute side animation that propped up earlier in the movie to speak her truth for her, which was cute. I liked the story progression, of her finally getting to speak the truth to everyone and how it worked out towards the end. I actually liked Becky a lot and felt so bad for her and the rough life she was stuck in. It was a good movie and entertaining to watch.


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