This review may contain some minor spoilers please keep that in mind when reading.

Summary: Sparks fly during Christmastime when a romance novelist meets a handsome man who looks like the leading character in her books.

Title: Christmas Ever After

Rating: G

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

Cast: Ali Stroker, Daniel Di Tomasso, Bill Merchant, Melia Charlotte Cressaty, Nicole Leroux, Charlotte Legault, Gita Miller, Kim Nelson, Larry Day, Ellen David, Jack Malloy Legault, Simon Alain, Andréanne St-Louis and Alessia Zaccaro

Director: Pat Kiely

Writers: Katrina Mathewson and Tanner Bean


A romance novelist has a deadline to finish her book and is stuck with it, so goes to her favourite lodge for the holidays to hope she will get inspiration. Then a man that is the new owner of the lodge has made some renovations she doesn’t like, when wanting to complain she sees he is identical to her protagonist in her books and the two slowly fall in love.

Unfortunately it was predictable and not overly entertaining. I wanted it to be really good and thought it was going to be a cute story of woman writer is stuck so goes to a beautiful Christmas land, there she gets swept up in it her book comes alive. I honestly didn’t know it was a romance going into it based on a description I read.

What I really found interesting about it though was the inclusion of her actual stories literally being real, with him looking exactly like her character on the cover, she swoons easily for him which was funny. Every time she mentioned him someone would spot her it he would show up which was so funny.

The romance itself wasn’t very exciting though, I didn’t really feel like they worked as a couple unfortunately. They had a connection but it didn’t feel romantic to me, more of a friendship. I’m not sure why, it just didn’t feel like two people falling in love to me. I did liked though that she used their cute moments together for helping to write her book, everything they did together she found inspiration on to re-write her book.

I was really hoping this would have been more romantic, more Christmassy and be really magical. It had lots of potential but it didn’t really work too well, the fact that it was predictable from the start wasn’t great as you knew what the storyline was going to be and how it would end up. Though set in a Christmassy town it didn’t really feel very magical, just event after event that they were doing in the town.

It’s a great movie if you like the cheesy, run of the mill predictable romance movies that come out this time of year, I went into it not knowing it was one of those movies and so it threw me. I was happy to see more inclusion within this movie, it’s so great finally seeing movies reflecting what real life looks like.


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