Summary: The adventures of the creatures of the most incredible metropolis: Zootopia.

Title: Zootopia+

Rating: PG

Runtime: Short Mini Episodes

Cast: Alan Tudyk, Charlotte Nicado, Bonnie Hunt, Maurice LaMarche, Nate Torrence, Leah Latham, Idris Elba, Michelle Buteau, Don Lake, Raymond S. Persi, Kristen Bell, Ginnifer Goodwin, Shakira, Porsha Williams, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Imari Williams, Rose Portillo, Brittany Morgan, Angel Parker, Joey Lawrence, John Lavelle and Katie Lowes

Directors: Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad

Writers: Trent Correy, Michael Herrera, Josie Trinidad, Tom Owens, Jeff Snow and Jeremy Spears.


I really love these shorts, they are so fun and creative and a perfect addition as an extension to the movie. They fill in the gaps between what we already saw so wonderfully, giving us some fun extra scenes, showing what would have happened to each character that we met within the movie. It’s so funny and amazing and so entertaining.

We start with adorable baby bunny Molly escaping on the train, getting her parents to chase after her on a whirlwind adventure, and them being all lovey dovey with each other still. To Fru-Fru on her reality Tv show planning her wedding with her cousin she doesn’t care for. It was such an over dramatic over the top short but is so hilarious.

We go musical theatre with Duke dreaming of what his life could have been, but each scenario he is still a crook which was so imaginative and funny. We go godfather with the story of how Mr. Big became who he is showing his early life in the big city with his granmama and how he came up with ice ‘em and Little Rodentia being made. Was a really great interesting story.

Clawhauser having a dream of auditioning for Gazelle tricking Chief Borgo into entering. This was so silly, dramatic and funny. They weren’t even good dancers but they can dream. Then we go to Sam a fast working waitress dreaming of going to the concert in time, but as soon as the sloths come in she has to rush and they slow everything down. I loved this one they are always so funny, takes way too long to do anything.

These are really great shorts, they really give you an inside scoop to the characters that the we meet in the movie and see a bit more of them and how things tie together. I really loved seeing more into this world and they were all so funny, so creative and interesting. If you haven’t watched them you really should each one is so funny and unique and just a great short series to watch.


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