Synopsis: Follow brilliant young reporter Kate as she heads to the city for her biggest challenge yet! Kate receives a VIP invitation to the headquarters of newspaper THE LOOKOUT POST to help her hero, top reporter Catherine Rodriguez! But Kate’s dream-come-true begins to sour when she discovers that all is not as it should be at the newspaper. Will Kate be able to make the scoop of the century? It’s going to take all the courage she’s got . . . A hilarious new mystery, packed with illustrations!

Release Date: 12th January 2023

Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery, Humour, Journalism, Crime Solving, Family, Adventure, Friendship.

Pages: 192

Thank you so much to Piccadilly Press and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Kate is invited to have a look round her favourite newspaper, but then the owner tells her about a sbatoage happening there and asks her to stay and investigate. Interviewing, following the clues and seeing everything around her helps solve the truth of who is sabotaging the newspaper.

This was so much fun, I loved solving this with Kate. The whole storyline being set in a multi-floored newspaper press was fascinating. It wasn’t a very easy one to solve either and I really enjoyed following with Kate and Rupert as they uncovered everything that was really going on.

The illustrations were really fun to look at throughout and they seemed to have that newspaper style to them which I actually thought was a clever touch. I loved meeting all the mix of characters that worked there and trying to see who would have been causing the trouble.

This was such a fun mystery, I really enjoyed it from the start and I loved that Kate made a new best friend while working on this case, someone she never thought she’d befriend and yet she did. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy a fun easy to read mystery.


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