Synopsis: It’s another peaceful day in the village for the Mood Bears – until Happy Bear spots a yellow cloud on the horizon and knows someone needs her help. The cloud takes Happy Bear to Amie, who feels lonely and sad after moving to a new flat far away from her friends. She has no one to celebrate her birthday with her, either. So, Happy Bear throws a party for Amie’s big day and invites some very special guests to remind her that she is never alone.

Amie’s Party is a sensitively written and beautifully illustrated children’s book, designed to help children deal with change and feelings of loneliness.

Release Date: 4th August 2022

Genres: Picture Books, Feelings, Emotions, Loneliness, Friendship, Bears, Fantasy,

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Cherish Editions and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Amie is sad as she wants a birthday party with all her best friends but knows it’s not possible this year, parties are too expensive. Then Happy Mood Bear is summoned to come help her and gives her a party.

This was so cute, I loved that this bear was connected to her, he came when he knew he was needed. He came and brightened up her day, he prepared such a beautiful party for her and invited the kids that lived in her flat to join in. She didn’t believe she was going to be able to do anything to celebrate but Happy Mood Bear changed that.

I really love the concept for this series, with the bears connected to a child’s mood. It reminded me a lot of Care Bears and that they wanted to bring joy and happiness to children that desperately needed them. They would do anything it took to fix the problems and make them happy again. It so sweet.

It was really sweet and is a great book to show that things might be hard but with a little bit of help you can still make things magical and fun, especially a birthday. I loved the illustrations they were so bright and vibrant and great to look at. Such a sweet book and will bring you a smile once reading.


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