Synopsis: A young foster child discovers a magic easel that brings paintings to life and learns the true meaning of family and home.

What if art could come alive and guide you home? Twelve-year-old foster child Nova longs to find her one true home. When jealousy of her art ability upends her most cherished placement, Nova’s dropped in the middle of nowhere to live with painter Mr. Russell in his ramshackle farmhouse. While exploring, Nova sneaks into the attic and discovers a magical easel that brings paintings to life. She puts her art skills to the test and gets caught in a whirlwind adventure, complete with rainbow butterflies, a devious leprechaun, and a journey to the rainforest. Following the magic, Nova stumbles upon an underground cellar that houses a startling secret. She’s forced to choose: escape to a prior foster home, or mend her relationship with Mr. Russell. Nova makes a dangerous mistake when she strikes a match of revenge. She must survive the inferno to learn the true meaning of home.

Release Date: 7th February 2023

Genres: Family, Fantasy, Magic, Middle Grade, Teen, Foster Care, Grief, Loss, Animals, Pets, Friendship, Thought Provoking, Mystery.

Pages: 250

Thank you so much to author Rebecca Weber for the ebook arc to read and review.

Review: This was stunning, vivid and so captivating. I was hooked from the first page and it gave me so many emotions, I connected quickly with Nova and fell deeply into this story. It’s a masterpiece of a story that will grab at your heart the whole time.

Nova a girl in the foster system, who has a big interest in art, gets sent to a small town to stay with a man named Mr. Russell, a quiet man who happens to be an artist but he is filled with secrets that live all round the house. Nova has to uncover them and whilst doing so uncovers magic within the house.

Everything about this story was created so gently, vividly and carefully. The writing style is perfect, you can literally see everything before you whilst reading, it’s all so vivid. From the story itself, to the letters, the magic, the art, the characters, the emotions, the journey they go through together. It was beautifully done and you felt everything with each character, the sadness, the closeness, the joyful moments, the hope, the anxiety. I don’t know how the author captured everything so precisely and perfectly but she did.

Nova our protagonist has been through so much sadness and abandonment in her life being in the system, struggling to understand the way her life has been, anger and sadness all trapped in, never having much kindness or love given to her. Wanting a home but never finding one, then everything changes and a glimpse at a home is before her with Mr. Russell but it doesn’t mean it’s her home, even if it could be. I really loved reading her journey, her experience though it was heartbreaking it was so sweet reading about her hoping and growing and changing. Her connection to the art and magic and the bonding between her and Mr. Russell growing at each chapter.

This story is just gorgeous it really is, you experience so much with all the characters, you try to piece together the bits of secrets Nova discovers, you want everything to turn out right for everyone and it will grip you into the story right away. The depth and emotion, and the magic escapism within this are wonderful.

I loved this story and finding the words to express how much is actually hard, this book has left me in awe, it’s so ingeniously written and crafted. It’s so vivid and breathtaking. It makes your heat skip, makes you smile, makes you cry your eyes out and makes you panic also for the characters. You are swept up with the magic of the story as well as the depth of grief and loneliness of the characters. It is all so beautifully put together.

If you are looking for a deep, beautiful and vividly detailed book that will literally tug at you and grab at your emotions you need to read this. You really do it’s such an incredible book, I want to read it all over again now I’ve finished its that stunning. I’m in awe of the talent of the author and how she has created this realistic but also magical world woven them together in so much care and vivid detail. She’s just genius.


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