This review may contain minor spoilers. Please keep that in mind.

Summary: Benedict and Number Two are unharmed, but they have been kidnapped by Dr. Curtain. He is now deep into a suspicious new endeavor – happiness. Stowaways aboard a majestic ship, the kids must try to blend in and find the next clue.

Title: The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2)

Rating: 9+

Runtime: 50-60 Minutes each episode

Cast: Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, MaameeYaa Boafo, Mystic Inscho, Seth Carr, Marta Kessler, Emmy DeOliveira, Ryan Husrt, Gia Sandhu, Katherine Evans, Ben Cockell, Sara Chaudry, Jed Rees, Trenna Keating, Lex King and Reece Noi.

Directors: James Bobin, Katie Akhtar, Lena Khan, Tara Nicole Weyr, Dawn Wilkinson, April Winney and Craig Zisk

Writers: Heather Jeng Bladt, Taylor Chukwu, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Angeli Millan, James Rogers III, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer and Trenton Lee Stewart (Books)


The mysterious society gets back together again, what was supposed to be a fun catch up leads right to a scavenger hunt to find Mr. Benedict and leads them to Mr. Curtain who is now turning everyone happy with is new tricks.

I’ll admit this wasn’t as exciting as series one, but was still a very good season and I still enjoyed it. I liked that the kids were gallivanting alone all round Europe together, causing trouble for the grey coats who were trying to catch them. They all worked so incredibly well together trying to figure out the very unusual clues that were left for them, trying to not get caught and making their way round unknown countries.

The happiness group that Curtain was running was so odd but interesting, a typically ran cult that spread worldwide, it threw some curveballs as I didn’t expects certain characters to her taken in by it, I certainly got some shockers as it went along. I really liked the way it effected everyone, and how the main kids figured it all out again.

I love how smart and creative these kids were, the team work was incredible. They had their priorities but when things went wrong and they had to change them they knew what was important no matter what. I really enjoyed the character progression we got from the first series to this series.

I really liked the adventure in this season, getting to go gallivanting with them was so much fun. I love Constance she’s incredible and we saw lots more of her within this season. The new mystery was still so much fun and I loved how it unfolded slowly throughout and how unusual it all was.

The end opened us up towards a third season so I really hope that we get one soon as I enjoy this show, it has such a fun mystery, the storylines are always interesting, I love the characters and we got left with a big unsolved mystery that I want to solve.


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