Synopsis: Aziza’s brother Otis is pestering their parents for a dog. Again. Even though they’re not allowed pets in the flat. Aziza is sympathetic, but soon forgets about all this when she enters her room to find the fairy door making a ticking noise – almost like a clock – and spring flowers all around it. Soon, she is stepping through the fairy door – but not before her brother, Otis, runs up to her and enters the fairy door too.

Aziza and Otis arrive in time for the Spring fete, and they are about to unveil the town clock, marking the arrival of Spring and growth. But the clock is broken. Otis and the naughty fairies, the Gigglers, haven’t noticed and are too busy playing fetch with their new and friendly dog.

But it’s up to Aziza, Otis, Peri and Tiko to find help fix the clock before it’s too late.

Release Date: 9th February 2023

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure, Friendship, Family, Magic

Pages: 160

Review: Aziza’s brother is desperate for a puppy but his parents keep telling him no, after the two siblings fight he follows her to her room as the fairy door glows. Together they go through to Shimmerton to join Peri and Tiko at the Fete, but when the new clock hands disappear they must find them together or spring won’t arrive.

I absolutely loved the addition of Otis, with him learning all about her adventures in Shimmerton, meeting her friends, helping to save the day with his sister. I really loved how creative it was bringing him into the story more. I also really loved that he got to experience what it was like having a puppy and that it wasn’t that easy to do.

The adventure was really fun, we explored all our favourite areas, got to meet some characters again, and the Gigglers were the same Gigglers as usual, always so funny. I really enjoyed reading about the clock and the search for the magic clock hands that had vanished. I loved the way they had to go and recover them, with it not being an easy task.

This series is always so exciting, always has such wonderful illustrations that I love looking at. It is so magical and fun, I love the characters, the magical world. It’s a great series and I highly recommend it if you love magic, fantasy and fun fairy adventures.


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