Annie at Curve Theatre Leicester, 28th February 2023, Evening Show


What an exciting show, it was full of energy and bursting with talent. It is such a wonderful timeless classic show that never disappoints and this production didn’t let me down either.

Our Annie played by the delightful Zoe Akinyosade was cast perfectly, she was so delicate and precious in her portrayal, she carried the character wonderfully. She was really funny and had the best delivery for her jokes and made me laugh, she had so much personality that she brought to the character. She was so likeable and was such a pleasure to see as Annie. Her singing voice was incredible and so sweet, I loved hearing her sing. I also really liked how she managed to handle Amber playing Sandy so confidently and naturally. I loved her interactions with the other characters she was amazing with the other children, with Roosevelt and the ensemble.

Daddy Warbucks played by Alex Bourne was amazing he captured this role perfectly down to a tee and was always meant to be Daddy Warbucks. He brought so much charm to the character capturing every feature of this rich stern man, that becomes gentle and loving thanks to a wonderful young girl; he portrayed it all perfectly. His voice was outstanding wow could he sing what a pleasure his voice was to hear. I adored his connection with Zoe/Annie it was such a perfect connection, you could feel the growth between them and his character learning to love with this wonderful child. The waltz scene was gorgeous the two of them together was so beautiful and such a soft delicate, beautiful scene.

Grace played by Amelia Adams was gorgeous, her voice was stunning and she was perfect for the role. I loved her sweet connection with Zoe/Annie the two were so adorable together and I also really loved how she was with Alex/Warbucks you could see the flicker there between the characters and they worked so well together.

I saw an incredible group of Orphans and let me tell you wow were these children talented, not only did each girl have incredible singing voices, the choreography that they did throughout the show was outstanding and they had so much prop work too. They were all such a perfect mix of adorable, cheeky, naughty and funny. Each one was cast so perfectly. I loved it when they were on the stage performing, such talented young girls. They captured my attention from the start as they came out to start, but had to wait due to audience not being ready in time, each of them laid in those beds playing in character the whole time, they were amazing as they had to wait for a very long time before top of the show started, such incredible girls. (To see who I saw I highlighted them in the cast list)

Craig Revel Horwood managed to make the role his own, bringing his very own version to life of Miss. Hannigan. He was clearly having the time of his life in this role, he was funny and worked really well with the kids and with Rooster and Lily. Rooster played by Paul French and Lily played by Billie-Kay were really funny and they worked well together, they were a little inappropriate at times especially for a family friendly show, they could have done with toning it down a smidge. I did notice Paul/Rooster did lose his accent at times it kept slipping. Easy street was amazing, they all did such a great job, the choreography was amazing and so funny, each of them worked off of each other so well.

The ensemble were a wonder to watch, wow so much exceptional talent on that stage. Every single number and sensational choreography and this cast were perfection, they blew me away at each one, I adored watching them dancing. They all played so many characters, so many quick changes for this cast and they were all incredible. I was so mesmerised by this ensemble, I loved them all so much, so talented. I think my favourite ensemble dance was the Christmas scene that incorporated the children as-well, the choreography was so crazy and looked so hard but was a joy to watch. I also really love the Burt Healy radio scene it was such a wonderful scene in the show Lukin Simmonds who played Burt Healy had captured the essence for the character, the era, the style he needed, he was perfect for the role, he was a joy to watch and so entertaining. I really loved all the choreography in this show, each member did an incredible job and were so talented, capturing so much magic.

The set was really interesting, with the puzzle pieces all around, it was a very minimalist set with mostly props pieces big and small being brought in and out, with clever lighting tricks on the stage. I did find a few of the props were inaccurate to the era but that’s a minor issue, just something I noticed. I honestly wasn’t a fan of the wigs at all unfortunately, they just didn’t look good and Annie’s though loved the touch of having it be the right hair texture for the actress it was just so not pretty at all and just looked really bad. The show was very loud, from the extremely loud radio recording playing as you walk in to the theatre to the really loud music throughout and the added loud whistles. I think just turn them down a bit and they would have been perfect, they were just a little too loud.

Overall I had such an incredible night, the entire cast were so outstanding, the songs were all beautiful and sang so beautifully, it was so funny and so heartfelt. The talent on that stage was outstanding and the choreography was insane and I loved each part of it. I had a really great time and really loved this show so much. The tour is just starting so make sure when it travels to your area you go and see it, trust me you don’t want to miss this wonderful show you will love it so much just like I did.


Zoe Akinyosade, Harlie Barthram, Poppy Cunnigham as Annie

Alex Bourne as Daddy Warbucks

Craig Revel-Horwood, Paul O’Grady, Jodie Pregner, Elaine C Smith as Miss Hannigan

Amelia Adams as Grace Farrell

Paul French as Rooster

Billie-Kay as Lily

Suki Hillier, Chloe Angiama, Karin Narumi as Molly

Chloe Raphael, Ellicia Simondwood, Chanai Owusu-Ansah as Pepper

Marlie Love, Caitlin Cole, Lyla Semper as Duffy

Lola Green, Jasmine O’Riordan, Gracie Hodson-Prior as Kate

Isobel Stanish, Jessica Rodgers, Georgie Fisher as Tessie

Kayla Kuranga, Bella Rose Hambi Roche, Ava Masters as July

Amber, Darcy, Boris, Lily as Sandy

David Burrows as Lt Ward, Franklin Roosevelt & Jimmy Johnson

Tommy Wade-Smith as Dance Captain, Butler, Fred McCracken & Howe

Lukin Simmonds as Bundles, Bert Healy, Ickes & Butler

Alastair Beattie as ENSNBC Producer, Apple Seller, Butler & Hullemble

Martin McCarthy as Drake

Rosalind James as Sophie, Mrs Pugh & Frances Perkins

Phoebe Roberts as Cecille, Connie Boylan & Assistant Dance Captain

Dawn Williams as Annette, Star to Be, Bonnie Boylan & Morganthau

Emily Barnett-Salter as Mrs Greer & Bonnie Boylan

Ellie May-Wilson as Swing

Belle Kizzy Green as Swing

Matthew Sweet as Swing

Sergi Ibanez as Swing


Joshua Griffith – Musical Director & Keyboard

Tom Chester – Assistant MD & Keyboard

Oliver Copeland – Double Bass & Bass Guitar

Tommy Clayden – Drums & Percussion

Katie Wood – Clarinet, Flute & Bass CLT alto Sax

Mark Harrison – trumpet & Flugelhorn

Rhiannon Harrison – Trombone & Euphonium

Juliet Leighton-Jones – Violin

Stephen Hill (for Musician’s U.K. Limited) – Orchestral Management

Crew & Creatives:

Thomas Meehan – Book

Charles Strouse – Original Music

Martin Charnin – Original Lyrics & Original Production Directer

Nikolai Foster – Director

Colin Richmond – Set and Costume Designer

Nick Winston – Choreographer

George Dyer – Orchestrations and Musical Supervisor

Ben Cracknell – Lighting Designer

Richard Brooker – Sound Designer

Simon Gooding – Production Manager

Alexandra Sumner Hughes – Assistant Director

Megan Loch – Assistant Choreographer

Chris Winn – Associate Lighting Designer & LX Programmer

Chris Campbell – Associate Sound Designer

Beth Eden – Casting Director

Debbie O’Brien – Children’s Casting Director

Joshua Griffith – Musical Director

Michael Garrison – Producer

David Ian – Producer

Resident Production Team:

Sue Berry – Company Manager

Michaela Powell – Resident Powell

Ashley Pollitt – Stage Manager

Jessica Cooper – Deputy Stage Manager

Beth Brown – ASM Book Cover

Jake MacPherson – ASM Book Cover Design

Amber Waller – Technical ASM

Lauren Street – Technical Swing

Joey Warrington – Technical Swing

Harry Regan – Head of Sound

Jeremie Ndombashi – Deputy Head of Sound

Aaron Carter – Head of Lighting

Harry Preece – Deputy Head of Lighting

Chloe French – Lighting Assistant

Hilda Greenwood – Head of Wardrobe

Jess Siddall – Deputy Head of Wardrobe

Katie Dover – Wardrobe Assistant

Beverly Chorlton – Head of Wigs

Stacie Smith – Deputy Head of Wigs

Bobbie Gadd – Wigs Assistant

Emily Armitage – Head Chaperone

Sue Stephens – Deputy Chaperone

Cassie Bramford – Travel Chaperone

Lorraine Jones – Travel Chaperone

Mark Thompson – Tutor

Suzy Cole – Dog Handler

Cindy Sharville – Doh Handler


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