Synopsis: One of the Ballet Bunnies is missing! It’s the day before Millie’s big show at the town hall, and she and her mom–and of course, the Ballet Bunnies–spend it walking around town before heading to rehearsal. But when Millie packs her bag after ballet class, she can’t find Trixie. She and the Ballet Bunnies must retrace their steps to figure out where Trixie might be.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Ballet, Bunnies, Friendship, Mystery, Animals, Dancing

Pages: 96

Review: Millie has an exciting day planned and the ballet bunnies are coming with her, they go to different stores, the dance studio, the park and by town hall. Then after rehearsals she realises she has lost two very Important things her lucky hair clip and Trixie one of the ballet bunnies. They have to retrace their steps every step of the way to retrieve them.

This was one of the most adorable books ever, everything about this was so cute, from the beautiful illustrations and the colour tones of them which I just adored looking at, to the cute storyline. Such an absolutely adorable book.

I loved that Millie secretly takes the bunnies with her to her ballet class and wherever she goes that day, they were so cute, dancing and playing, drinking hot chocolate. They were so cute, I loved how close they were to Millie and the friendship between them all.

It was so sad when Trixie and her hair clip were missing, but everyone pitched in to look and stepping back to retrace her steps was a great idea and eventually both were found safely thank goodness.

I love this book it was so adorable, had great characters, beautiful illustrations, cutest bunnies ever, lots of ballet and a small mystery. So many great things in one small book.


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