Synopsis: Half witch, half fairy, totally naughty! Mirabelle is Isadora Moon’s cousin, whom we first meet in the author’s famous Isadora Moon series.

Mirabelle and her class are going on a school trip to a magical-creature sanctuary, and Mirabelle can’t wait! Even being partnered with annoying goody-two-shoes Lavinia can’t ruin her day.

But when she accidentally lets the bittens (part bat, part kitten, totally adorable, slightly fierce) out of their enclosure, their day becomes a bit more complicated.

Can Lavinia help Mirabelle stay out of trouble? And can Mirabelle show Lavinia that maybe some things are worth getting in trouble for….

Release Date: 7th July 2022

Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Friendship, Animals, Magic, Adventure, Witches, Fairies, Family

Pages: 128

Review: Mirabelle has a school trip to the magical creature sanctuary, but she gets paired up with her least favourite girl in the class Lavinia. The two don’t get along as Mirabelle is always in trouble and Lavinia is scared of trouble, as the day goes in the two learn a lot about each other.

This was so much fun, so adorable and I really love Mirabelle. I really liked the journey she went on in this one, she struggled to adjust to not just have fun and mess around with Carlotta she actually had to learn and do work, seeing all creatures not just ones that she wanted. It was great seeing her change slightly throughout the story.

I loved the friendship between her and Lavinia both learning why each was the way they were and then helping each other multiple times and becomes best friends wanting to continue to be friends after the trip. It was so sweet and I really liked Lavinia she was stricter and more restrained than fun going trouble making Mirabelle but the two worked so perfectly together.

This story was so magical seeing all different creatures and those bat kittens were the cutest things ever and I loved them so much. The illustrations in this book were amazing and I loved seeing them and the colour touches being purple in this were so cute. The dab of colour on each page is always my favourite thing about the franchise it makes the illustrations really stand out.

I love reading this series and I highly recommend them, they are just such fun whimsical reads, the characters are always fun and the adventures or shenanigans they get up to are always interesting. I really enjoy them.


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