Hi I’m Joey-Susan or most people call me Joey. I’m not the best at talking about myself so I don’t know what you can expect on this page.

I am obviously a reader and reviewer. Though my reading tastes have changed many times over the years I’ve always loved and enjoyed doing it. It’s relaxing and fun, I love getting to explore so many different worlds and meet new friends along the way.

I love reviewing my books after I have read them so that I can reflect on what I liked about them, the highlights of the books, what I felt could have been better, I always try not to spoil a story but still share exactly how I feel about them.

Musical Theatre is my life, I love listening to so many different soundtracks and watching as many productions as is possible. Some of my favourites are Waitress, Six, Wicked, Into The Woods, Pretty Woman, Anastasia, Beetlejuice, The Last 5 Years & Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. There are so so many more that I love, too many to list without these I wouldn’t function at all musicals keep me going. You can expect a few reviews every so often when I have had the pleasure of going to see a show.

Movies and TV series have always been a huge part of my life I practically lived and I seriously mean this I lived in a video store when I was a kid, every day spending hours looking at different movies and renting them all out. As the years have gone by watching and escaping to the movie and tv worlds are still a huge part of my life. I sometimes manage to find time to review these and if I do they will be here so you can read what I thought of them.

I am a crafter and I journal, if I get the time to relax I will fill in one of my 4 different journals or do art therapy by painting, colouring or diamond painting. These just help me find my centre to relax again.

I am a Jellycat plushie collector mostly bunnies, if you ever meet me in person you can guarantee I have at least 2 of them with me. I have really bad mental health, anxiety, paranoia and social anxiety and more, but without these cuties to calm me down I cannot function at all.

Thank you for coming to my little blog it’s still not big but I’m enjoying it and am hoping to keep growing it and adding different things to it and make it better. Anyone that spends time to read anything I’ve written means the world to me.