What Books I Accept to Read & Review:

If you are looking for me to review your books please ensure it fits what books are described in this section, and any questions please see the Contact Me page for more details on how to reach me and what to include within your request.

Children’s Picture Books: I will review pretty much ANY picture books so always feel certain I will accept if you’d love me to review one for you. They are cute, easy to read, so much fun and can tell such a great story in a short time.

Middle Grade: I love MG books as they can take you to some very magical places, can tell a deeper story or share a story on extraordinary young people. Sub-Genres I like most in Middle Grade are Mystery, Historical, Coming of Age and Fantasy. I don’t very often say no to MG books, so please reach out and ask me if you have a book you’d love me to review.

Historical: I love History I find it incredibly fascinating so if you have a history book you would love to have reviewed please feel free to reach out to me and ask.

Horror & Thriller: Who doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story or a creepy haunted paranormal story? I love being scared by a creepy book but not many horror books can scare me I’ve been reading them since I was 8. Think you’ve got a perfect scary Horror book? Please reach out to me I’d love to give it a read and Review.

On occasion I will accept to review: Lesbian Romance, Young Adult & Teen (Sub-Genres: Contemporary, LGBT+, Horror, Mystery & Fantasy), Mystery, War, and Women’s Fiction/Romance books. Please reach out and ask if you are interested in me reading and reviewing one in these genres.

What I don’t Read Or Accept:

Sci-fi I’m not big into anything like this at all honestly, so keep in mind especially if it involves Aliens or Robots that is incredibly off putting to me, I will not read them at all.

I won’t read any erotica of any kind it’s not for me, I struggle reading any books with sex scenes in them in general, so please if you write this genre I’m not the girl to review it for you.

I’m not a big crime book fan they don’t interest me that much and I tend to get bored.

Got any questions about what I read or review please ask me and i will answer as best I can.

If you’re genre or type of book isn’t described in the what I accept section then please note I probably won’t accept to review it. However you are always welcome to drop me an email and see, I may surprise you.

What books I Read & Review:

I read Middle Grade, Children’s and Picture Books. I will read pretty much any sub-category within this area.

I read Young Adult and Teen. Sub-categories I read within this mainly are horror, mystery, dystopian, thriller, contemporary, romance(but I’m picky) and sometimes fantasy.

I love Historical books I adore history it’s always a fun and fascinating category. It is also a perfect sub-genre with most other types of books.

I like a good Mystery to solve particularly if it’s a MG or YA.

I love Horror and thriller books, a good ghost story is always fun.

I enjoy children’s classics, general classics, fairytales, folk tales.

I like reading poetry and short stories.

I enjoy a good Women’s Fiction a story of friendship or a tear jerker, or of a strong female lead that’s got something important to do.

I like certain biography books particularly if I have an interest in the person or story or they are again MG or KidLit.

I used to read a lot of fiction stories, I don’t so much anymore but it may be something I read from time to time.

I like certain romance books but I am picky on them I will read both LGBT+ or Straight romances but I am utterly picky.

I like reading religious books I have always had a fascination in religions of all kinds so love diving into a story on religion.

ScI-Fi is probably the genre I read the least but I can sometimes enjoy a good vampire or zombie story.

Where I post my Reviews:

My reviews are posted at the links below, I also always post to my social media pages. (See Contact Page)



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