Firstly, thanks for looking at my blog and going on my contact page. I do my best to respond, but I sometimes reply in my head and forget to send it, whoops sorry.

The Contact Section

I am always on social media, Twitter and Instagram so you are welcome to send me a message via one of those. Alternately you can send me an email at the address listed below. If you have any questions of any sort please drop me a message and I will get back to you.


Social Media:

Twitter: @Joeyjojojoanna7

Instagram: @apapergirlapapertown

Personal Instagram: @Joeyjoanna25

Goodreads: @apapergirlapapertown

Blog: apapergirlapapertown

Contact for Request:

Secondly If you are contacting me for a book review for me to read and review your books make sure you have been to look at my What I Read page as it says there exactly what books I will accept. Thanks so much.

If you are enquiring about me reviewing something else please do get in contact with me, I’d love to grow as a reviewer for things other than just books. I do currently review Musical Theatre shows that I personally see, it’s something I adore and would love opportunities to see and review more of these also.

If you have sent me an email regarding a review request please note that It may take me a while to reply, I don’t always reply instantly but I try my best. Please be so patient with me, I will reply to you as soon as I can and let you know. Thank you in advance.

My name is Joey-Susan or Joey, I live in Leicester in the UK, I review Middle Grade and Children’s books mostly. I review Musical Theatre, Movies and TV Series that I watch. I am always looking to expand on what I review.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and your interest having me review for you.

What to include in your book review request:

Please include a synopsis of your book, this helps me know if it’s something I’m interested in. How long your book is so how many pages it is, this helps give me an idea how long it will take me to read it (a big factor in me deciding yes or no) and lastly what genres it is so I know before I start to read.

My favourite format to read is Paperback, though I mainly read Ebooks through Kindle mobi files, pdf or ePub. If you are wanting a book review then please be willing to provide me with a free copy of your book in one of those formats so that I may read it to review it. I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Thank you so much these things just really help me out.