Introducing Myself

I’m Joey-Susan, I’m almost 28 years old (on 20th January) I’m a writer, a reader, a collector, tv show binge watcher and a heavy dreamer.

I cannot tell you exactly what you’ll get on this blog but it will be things like book reviews, opinions of my own on topics I choose, maybe my collections, maybe some emotional stuff and also maybe some of my writings if you are interested. Tv show reviews as I watch lots of shows, possibly movie reviews and posts that relate to me and things I feel like posting about. I’m not certain if I will figure this thing out quickly or easily but I’m going to try my best and post as much as I can and please don’t be mean if something is wrong.

What books I read: I am an avid reader and always have been since I was a little kid. I’ve read books of pretty much ever genre there is however I read some genres more than others.

I’ve never been too picky on the genre and find even a book not in my usual styles I can enjoy and be pleasantly surprised by. Books are always the most wonderful escape, they take you to a whole new place, new people to constantly discover, a connection that can stay with you forever. I adore getting to read and it will be something I always love doing.

My favourite genres right now are: Children & Middle Grade, Teen & YA, Historical, Horror/ Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Thriller and Mystery. They are the most likely book genres you’ll find me reading, but sometimes I’ll read a book of a different type. These are the books that I enjoy reading the most and are what books you’ll see reviewed on here.

Reviewing books: I love getting to review books, each book I review is based on my own thoughts and opinions whilst reading. I do try and be positive on all books even if I DNF’d or didn’t like it as I don’t like to be mean, because someone else might enjoy the book even if I didn’t so my review might still help someone want to read it even if I didn’t.

Where I post my reviews: I currently post my review on Goodreads under apapergirlapapertown, NetGalley if they came from there, Instagram under apapergirlapapertown and on Amazon. I am planning on posting on sites like Wordery & Book Depository also to help spread the word on books and promote them further. You’ll also find the reviews on here.

More about me: I love writing and always have stories to write, I don’t have a particular genre I write in as I have stories in a vast majority of them. They mean a lot to me but none have been completed or published yet, but maybe one day that can happen. I also love creating short stories that are meaningful or emotional for me and I share any they will be the ones on here. Do let me know if you’ll ever be interested in reading them. I used to write fan fictions for Pitch Perfect, Full/Fuller House, Reign and Bloodlines/Vampire Academy, but have not written them for a while now.

I am a heavy collector, I love Jellycat bunnies, i’m a doll collector these are all things that help me with my mental health I have a lot of them and love them so much. I love journaling and run around 4 at one time which can be difficult but fun, one is a regular journal and junk journal in one, then I do a movie and tv review journal, then I have one for all my book reviews and one for lists. This I also leads to my love of washi tape which I have a massive draw filled with it and yet never seem to have enough of it but I use it in every journal.

I love watching tv shows and movies they take up the larger portion of my time up each day, they are relaxing and entertaining for me and offer something different in each one I watch. I watch a vast amount of shows and they are all different genres so you’ll most likely find I review a show you love too. I will only review them once I finished the season or full series but I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and we can have a conversation about them.

I do hope that you will stick around my blog and that we can become friends, I will do my best to keep this updated as much as possible and bring you some interesting content. Thanks for reading my first blog post I appreciate it so much and now you know a little bit about me.


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