Monthly Wrap Up

So I started off this year thinking oh I will only read maybe one or two books, I wasn’t very interested in reading very much for January. Well haaa I actually ended up reading 7 books. So I shocked myself and read an awful lot more than I dared expect I would.

I read 3 religious children’s books Albert and the Picnic, Albert and the Journey Home both by Richard Littledale and When Life is Unfair by Debbie Duncan. They were very interesting, easy and educational reads, I know this type of book isn’t for everyone but I find I really enjoy reading them. (These earcs were all provided by Lion Hudson ltd through netgalley.)

I read a classic poetry book called Goblin Market and other poems by Christina Rossetti which I really loved and enjoyed, they were really deep and well written. The poems varied from love, family, religion, fantasy, secrets I found them fascinating.

I then read The Elephant in the Room by Holly Goldberg Sloan. This book was a heart hitting touching, cleverly crafted beautiful story that I loved so much. Dealing with loss, new connections, immigration and love. (proof copy provided by Piccadilly press)

On the last two days of the month I managed to get two more books read which is a big surprise as I wasn’t expecting to finish these so quickly.

I read Agent Zaiba Investigates The Haunted House by Annabelle Sami in one sitting, It was incredibly fun, so exciting and I adored getting to solve the mystery with the characters. (earc provided to me by Little Tiger Group through netgalley.)

And lastly I read Mina Mistry (sort of) investigates the case of the Disgusting School Dinners by Angie Lake. It’s a very oddball story but very fun to solve the mystery. There were a few character faults but the story was still good. (Book was sent to me by Sweet Cherry Publishing.

So as you can see I did read a lot more than I expected I was going too and you will get the opportunity to read my reviews for all these book in the coming weeks as I start to schedule them up on here.

My February TBR

I think I’m going to plan on keeping it low again, say maybe 4 books as there are 4 I need to read and that way I can take it easy and not stress over everything else I have to do. Plus if any other books show up or I want to read one of my other books additionally I can.

First book I plan on reading is Mina Mistry (sort of) investigates the case of the Disappearing Pets, book 2 in the series which I was kindly provided a copy of from Sweet Cherry Publishing.

Next I want to read How to be Brave by Daisy May Johnson earc provided to me by Pushkin Press through netgalley, it sounds so good, I’m excited to read this. Plus I keep hearing good things on social media from others that got provided with it. So I’m looking forward to reading it.

I also plan on finishing The Nine Jewels by Susan Badaracco who sent me an ebook last year to read and review, I managed to get 30% done and then Christmas came and life got hectic and so I never managed to finish it.

And lastly I plan on reading another classic poetry book from my Penguin Clothbound Classics Collection, though I’m not sure which one to read yet. Maybe William Blake, maybe William Wordsworth, or maybe I will go for John Keats. Feel free to comment which one I should read.

So that’s all that I aim to read for the month, but I’m pretty sure I will end up reading higher again, however we shall wait and see what happens. Life is unpredictable, my mental health is heavily unpredictable and thus means concentration and focus time can vary. Oh well we shall see.

What books & ebooks I Received in January

Physical Books

The Betrothed by Kiera Cass & Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo from my by friend Lauren

When Marnie was There by Joan G Robinson from by my brother.

Stuart Little by E.B White From my friend Sophie

Mina Mistry Book 1&2 by Angie Lake from Sweet Cherry Publishing (I was also provided pdf copies)

Honey Mountain by Jane Taylor from the author herself

Lamia, Isabelle and the Eve of Saint Agnes and other poems by John Keats & Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth and Samual Taylor Coleridge from my uncle.

Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake from my mama


How to be Brave by Daisy May Johnson

Agent Zaiba Investigates the Haunted House by Annabelle Sami

Albert and the Journey Home by Richard Littledale

Albert and the Picnic by Richard Littledale

When life is Unfair Joseph and other stories by Debbie Duncan

So that is my monthly wrap up, it’s been a weird and crazy month. The world is still all in turmoil, and well who needs to talk about the goings on in the world my blog doesn’t. I turned 29 on the 20th of this month, my blog turned 1 on the 16th of this month. It’s crazy how far I have come with this blog in just 1 year. I started it as a means to progress the notice of my reviews and though it’s still only building now I have a big array of books reviewed on her and it’s been fun.

So I will do another one of these on the 28th of February so hope you will keep coming back to my blog through Feb as I will have more reviews up very shortly.


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